The Art of Wrestling – Aim High

I wonder if they used these planes for Red Bull's Flug Tag.

Evan Bourne has been sporting a new shirt for several weeks so I figured it was time to get around to reviewing it. While the WWE is certainly toeing a very fine line with his name because anyone over the age of 5 could see the nickname coming for young Evan a mile away. On the upside, using Bourne for a last name makes for some easy merchandising.

On the back of the shirt, is a maroon circle that is surrounded in beige with the bulk of the shirt being the nearly obligatory black. Rays of beige eminate from the bottom of the circle to help promote the feeling of flight because they are directed up. “Evan” is above “Bourne” and both have an upward arch. The lettering is in beige and is surrounded in black. There are also beige “wings” flanking “Evan” that point upwards.

At the top of front of the shirt, we have “Fly Air” that has red at the top but fades into beige. On the bottom, is “Bourne” with the same color pattern but it’s reversed. The lettering isn’t quite as vertically inclined because the top or bottom of the text is flat. I’m not sure why they had the fade on the front and not on the rear but both pop even if the red looks much darker when you enlarge the shirt.

The center piece of this shirt though is the fighter jet coming out from the circle with smoke trailing it. I’m no expert with planes but it looks like a McDonnell Douglas F/A 18C Hornet that was used as a model. The beige streaks have been turned to match the flight of the jet which helps add to the up direction that they have stressed on the shirt. The jet is busting through a biege circle that is littered with small stars. There are two anchor stars at the top, a whored out WWE logo, and just a larger star on the bottom. The star motif is just another design feature that emphasizes the sky and looking upward.

The WWE aimed high and they captured the high flying Evan Bourne with an outstanding shirt. Now if theywould only let him fly up the ladder of Superstars, they might sell more of these shirts. – Kevin

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