TNA Impact Moving to 8:00 but will continue to suck.

Even I know TNA is retarded.

Well well well, looks like someone in TNA actually pulled their head out of their ass and did something positive. According to various places but crediting the always reliable, TNA Impact is officially moving to 8:00 permanently on Monday nights. This gives TNA a nice hour lead in to get an audience and keep them. The direct competition with WWE for one hour is manageable if they give the audience a clear, interesting product. Hasn’t this always been the problem with TNA though?

But there is bad news; the morons are still keeping the show on Thursday night in the same timeslot. You know what better way to build an audience than turning it in to a MTV show with multiple viewings during the week. They could just replay it at midnight or 1 AM on Tuesday night for the west coast but why bother with a simple idea like that. Instead they will allow their small audience on Monday to remain small and then fool themselves by adding in the rating from Thursday.

Just wait until May when Dixie and the boys will pound their chest and say they have 2.9 rating when you add both timeslots together when in actuality they have the same people watching the show again on Thursday because there is nothing better on television or the fact that they are so used to watching the show on Thursday it is part of a routine when in actuality their DVR is still set to record Thursday night or that anyone who watches TNA clearly watches it as a routine in the classic sense of a couch potato being too fucking lazy to move away from the television let along change the change the station even though the drivel they are watching is totally uninteresting and has absolutely no resonance with the viewing audience. Sigh.

Hang on, that is one long ass sentence and clearly a run on and grammatically poor, probably makes no sense and is a cliched mess. Hey, I can write for TNA. -Jeremy

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  1. Awesome Dude 2010-04-11 at 6:48 pm #

    Is that a picture of Fat & Nasty Boy Knobs as a kid.

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