Happy birthday, pro wrestlers! (May 21-27)

Oooh, someone controversial turns 29 tomorrow!

May 22: Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson, 29)
May 22: Traci Brooks (Tracy Brookshaw, 35)

May 23: Alex Shelley (Patrick Martin, 27)

May 24: D’Angelo Dinero (The Pope, 32)

May 27: Charlie Haas (Charles Haas II, 38
May 27: Natalya (Natalie Neidhart, 28 and hot)
May 27: Eric Bischoff (ATM Eric, 55)

I’m just kidding, D’Angelo Dinero’s real name is Elijah Burke. But Sylvester Terkay is his twin brother, who changed his last name from “Burke” because he doesn’t get along with their mother, Delta. -Eric

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