Happy birthday, pro wrestlers! (June 11-17)

Teddy Long

No offense, Michael Hayes, but only Teddy Long could pull off a suit like this. Holla!

Only two birthdays this week, but the Stunt Granny crew are fans of them both!

June 12: Mark Henry (World’s Strongest Man, 39)

June 15: Teddy Long (Theodore R. “Peanuthead” Long, 63)

Mark Henry is an underrated midcarder who might never hold a belt the rest of his career but can play utility roles very well. Teddy Long is the baddest-ass 63-year-old this side of everyone, so here’s hoping WWE doesn’t utilize ageism anytime soon and that they keep Long around for a long (no pun intended), long (pun intended) time. -Eric

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  1. D-O-double Dusty 2010-06-11 at 9:42 pm #

    He shops at the same place as Arsenio, you know!

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