PWO – Season 3 – Episode 18

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N8 Mattson came to the ring with Benjamin Boone for a match for the #1 Contendership for the PWO Heavyweight Title against Gregory Iron.  Joe Dombrowski said that they have clips of a beat down on “Omega” Aaron Draven by Benjamin Boone after they went off the air last week. He also mentioned that Iron was granted a slot in the tournament because of the interference in his match for the PWO Heavyweight Title. Aaron Maguire mentioned that Marion Fontaine had been laid out in the back and is a favorite in the tournament. Dombrowski added that Bobby Beverly had been attacked too. Mattson punked out Iron a little bit in the early going. Dombrowski wondered whether Mattson was spreading himself thin with his duties to defend the TV Title and being in this tournament. Mattson slipped out of the ring after a pair of arm drags by Iron. Iron attacked Mattson outside the ring. Mattson got back into the ring and attacked Iron when he came back in. Iron got a two count from a sunset sflip. Mattson stomped on him after the pin attempt. Mattson missed a charge into the corner and ate the turnbuckles. Iron connected on a modified Code Breaker. Iron executed a Disabiler (aka Stunner) but only got a two count. Iron went to the top rope and hit a cross body but still only got a two count. Mattson caught Iron charging him with a sit down power bomb for the three count.
Analysis: It was an OK match that was overwhelmed by the stories surrounding the match. I didn’t even mention that they talked about Michael “The Bomber” Facade who had won the #1 Contendership for the TV Title the week before. Score: 0.
Doctor Monstrous said she was hired by Portia Perez because of the tough competition in PWO. She’s here to dominate the women’s division. Vic  walked by and asked Portia how she was doing. Doctor Monstrous said it wasn’t Portia, geez.
Analysis: A Hurricane remake that is blown already. I knew it was Portia but don’t you let everyone play along for a while? The women’s division has been none existant so it’s tough to say how this storyline will work. I’ll be happy to watch her in the ring though. Score: -1.
“The Megastar” Marion Fontaine came to the ring for a match against Hobo Joe.  Fontaine had grabbed the mic and complained about having to face Joe. He insulted the crowd by asking how they can root for a homeless man. Joe did a Three Stooges routine and then gave a shoulder block that sent Fontaine to ring side. Fontaine kneed Joe in the gut several times. Fontaine hit a good looking drop kick. Joe kicked out at two after a side Russian Leg sweep. Joe gave Fontaine a Pit Stop in the corner. Fontaine executed a Lionsault for the win. Fontaine then assaulted Joe. Gregory Iron made the save.
Analysis: Good match for what it should be, a nice feather in Fontaine’s cap after dropping his last match. Joe won’t be hurting too much since him and Iron are going after the Tag Team belts. Score: +1.
They showed the end of the Three Way Tables match with Benjamin Boone attacked “Omega” Aaron Draven. They then cut to footage after they were off the air. Boone was assaulting Draven in the back stage area. Boone told him he’d be just like Virus, he’d be finished. Boone said the second part after DDTing Draven on a chair.
Analysis: I’m glad they didn’t show the end of the Tables match during the replay since they were concentrating on the Boone/Draven angle. Nice additional footage to explain a loong abscene for Draven. Score: +1.
Shima Xion came to the ring for his reintroduction to PWO. Ben Fruth was his opponent. Xion did a lot of strutting early on. Xion missed a charge into the corner then was arm dragged by Fruth. Xion beat on Fruth with some basic offense. Fruth kicked out of a brain buster. Dombrowski freaked out over the Fruth Roll up. Xion hit a side Russian Leg sweep then turned it into a cross face. Xion put hair spray in Fruth’s face.
Analysis: Easy win for the new guy. Score: +1.
Super Hentai siad that there is one guy in the back that walks around with an attitude problem. He said Krimson is treating no one with any respect. Hentai said if he keeps treating people the way he has, Krimson will have a problem with Hentai.
Analysis: Yippee, Krimson is moving into a real feud. It could make for a nice pairing in the ring. Hentai was OK on the mic. Score: +1.
 Gregory Iron and Hobo Joe were in the back. Joe was raiding the trash can for food. Iron said he didn’t need to do that any more. Iron gave him turkey and an energy drink. Bobby Beverly came in and asked Iron if he could really trust Johnny Gargano next week in their six man tag match (against Sex Appeal) since all of his former opponents have been attacked. He shoved the mic into Iron’s chest who looked perplexed.
Analysis: It’d be kind of fun if they decided to clean up Hobo Joe for an extended period although he’d need to change his move set. The trust exercise part was eh but the Beverly part and Iron’s reaction were spot on. Score: +1.
Bobby Shields came to the ring with Dawn Decadence. Dombrowski said that Beverly had an interesting point since it’s the only thing that links Fontaine and Beverly. Johnny Gargano was his opponent. It was slow going early on. The announcers noted that Benjamin Boone or Michael Facade will be the last of the semifinalists for the #1  Contership for the PWO Heavyweight Title. Gargano tossed Shields outside and started assaulting him with chops. Gargano was tossed back inside the ring but Gargano turned around and hit a pescado. Shields shoved Gargano into the ring post on the outside. Shields strangled Gargano with his wrist tape. Dombrowski said that Matthew Justice has been suspended 60 days for assaulting a PWO official after the 3 Way Table match last week.  Shields was using a chin lock.  Shields mafia kicked Gargano in the corner.  Gargano caught Shields with a sling shot spear as Shields charged at him. Gargano got a two count on a neck breaker.  Shields caught a suoer kick. Gargano tossed Shields into the middle turn buckle face first.  shields connected on a super kick but only got a two count. Gargano slipped out of a Shields move and caught him with Uniquely You for the victory.
Analysis: Best match of the night easily. Shields proved that he has improved in this match. Score: +1.
Final Score: 5/8. Final Analysis:  Recently, I’ve been doing this portion of the review the next day. I followed suit this week. At the end of last night, I wasn’t pleased with the show. Looking at the numbers, there’s no reason to feel that way. I think the difference was that no promo or match really grabbed me. I don’t always give a promo or match a +2 but it does resonate more with me so I end up liking the show. This episode didn’t have a real headliner and singled their way to a good show.
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