Tommy Dreamer considering new look, wipes chocolate off mouth

Tommy Dreamer

Had the photographer snapped this picture two seconds earlier, you would have seen the sandwich in Tommy's hands.

According to, Tommy Dreamer pitched a new look to his peers at TNA. So, does that mean wrestling leagues he works for in the future won’t have to order a whole separate box of XXXL company T-shirts with “Dreamer’s gear” written on the lid?

Tommy Dreamer was showing off a potential new look while backstage at the TNA Impact tapings on June 14. Dreamer was wearing a singlet top, shorts, and kick pads for an MMA-style look.

God, I hope this is what’s been keeping Dixie Carter up at night. She’s probably been having fucking nightmares. If I’d never seen ECW in its heyday, nor the WWE version of ECW when it featured all of the original’s washouts, and I saw this fat piece of crap come to the ring in MMA gear, I would laugh so hard I’d barely be able to change the channel. The day I believe he could win a shoot fight is the day I believe Batista would win a shoot fight. In fact, I’d normally use the phrase, “The day Tommy Dreamer wins an MMA fight, I’ll eat my hat,” but Tommy would have already eaten it. -Eric

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  1. Newbobdole 2010-06-28 at 5:12 pm #

    That headline = getting a 1up right before facing the final boss.

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