Bryan Danielson makes indy rounds, suggests jumping to TNA?? :-o

Bryan Danielson

No no, Bryan, no one stabbed you back there.

Keeping in mind we are a rumor-and-hearsay Web site, check this out: Bryan Danielson worked a couple of independent shows this past weekend, including the Chikara Pro show in Cleveland, Ohio, this past Sunday night. According to a report at,

Bryan Danielson defeated Tim Donst. Danielson won a great match and made Donst look great. Afterward, Bryan cut a promo and joked about going to TNA, saying the fans did not want to see Desmond Wolfe vs. Lloyd Boner.

How hilarious is that? Now, how hilarious is *this?*: Danielson was overheard talking to people backstage about his future plans, and he said he’d be with TNA when his 90-day no-compete clause with WWE ends. That would suck, because I’m one of those guys who doesn’t want to see Desmond Wolfe vs. Lloyd Boner. Also keep in mind that he might just be talking out of his head, trying to fire up the ol’ rumor mill, so there ya go. -Eric

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