Eric’s Blog: Ranking the Season 2 WWE NXT Rookies (Week 6)

garbage can

No, this isn't in reference to an hour-long Nexus infomercial; it took Miz, Mark Henry, Alex Riley and a garbage can just to make Lucky Cannon look passable.

This’ll be a short one, as this week’s edition of WWE NXT was focused way more (way too much?) on Nexus and not as much (not enough?) on the rookies.

1) Alex Riley. The pros on his pre-tape had to reeeeeally stretch to come up with negative things to say about him. They, like I and like most others, realize Riley is destined for stardom.

2) Kaval. Yeah, Kaval shined even in a battle royal. Maybe I still have him ranked this high because he’s Low Ki, or because he’s done such a great job in weeks past, but since this week’s show gave me hardly anything to go by, Kaval stays at No. 2.

3) Percy Watson. How hilarious is this guy? He just makes you feel good! The crowd was in the palm of his hand with the “OH YEAH!” catchphrase, and his interaction with MVP was 95 percent polished and professional. Then when he hinted at a rookie attack on the pro, I kinda got goosebumps. Good work!

4) Michael McGillicutty. Here’s another guy who couldn’t do much this week given the context of the episode, but I believed him when he stood at the front line, begging Nexus to get in the ring.

5) Husky Harris. He did a good job going over the top rope in the battle royal. Moving on…

6) Lucky Cannon. Eh, more indy work from the below-average superstar. He did a fine job bringing Mark Henry’s garbage can into the ring, though.

7) Eli Cottonwood. Yuck.

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