PWO – Season 3 – Episode 29

Michael Facade has gotten rid of his eye patch. What is up his gi now for Shima Xion and the Gambinos?

Pedro De Lucca introduced Krimson who came to the ring with a make shift Super Hentai mask in hand. Michael “The Bomber” facade made his return to the ring because of the injury caused by Shima Xion. Krimson charged at Facade and tried to toss Facade out of the ring. Facade skinned the cat and attacked Krimson. Joe Dombrowski noted that Super Hentai helped train Facade so it made sense for him to defend one of his masters. Facade hit a spring board moonsault but barely got a one count. Facade kicked Krimson in the chest but Krimson was unphased. Krimson tossed Facade to the outside and continued the assault out there. Facade dodged a charge. Facade gave him a thrust kick off the guard rail and tossed Krimson back in the ring. Facade came off the top rope and was caught with a head butt to the sternum. Dombrowski said that Shima Xion, who is injured, & the Gambino are set to take on Aeroform, Flip Kendrick & Louis Linden, and Facade. Krimson gave Facade a modified face plant. Facade gave Krimson a heel kick. Facade couldn’t take Krimson down with a flurry of offense. Krimson kicked out of a spring board heel kick. Krimson spit in Facade’s eyes and hit the Witche’s Wheel. Krimson grabbed the Hentai mask and a chair. Krimson set up the chair and clothes lined Facade face first into it.

Analysis: Good match in which both men delivered. They protected the baby face because he was coming back from injury and the heel had to cheat to get the victory. The aftermath was just as well done. Score: +1.

Shima Xion asked Facade if he knows what he’s done. He whined about being blind. Xion said he can’t compete at Wrestlelution. If Facade thinks things are done, he’s mistaken. Xion said that he’s going to withdraw some money and make a great investment. He said his mystery replacement will take Facade & Aeroform out of PWO.

Analysis: The promo was ehh. It set the parameters of another match up for Wrestlelution which is good. Score: 0.

Marshall “The Bull” Gambino was coming out of the restroom when Michael Facade confronted him. He suckered him into being attacked by Aerofrom. Facade charged at Gambino and clocked him with the spray paint can.

Analysis: Considering Facade has already fought fire with fire by blinding Xion, this attack made sense. Score: +1.

The Homeless Handicapped Connection, Hobo Joe & Gregory Iron, took on Tim Horner Jr. and Bryan Castle, who looked a lot like the One Man Gang. Joe started against Horner. Horner shoulder blocked down Joe and tagged in Castle. Maguire claimed that Iron & Joe have only looked good because of interference by Virgil. Iron kicked out after a clothesline by Castle. Joe hammered on Castle and got in a joint DDT with Iron.  Iron hit the Disabler on Horner. Iron & Joe pinned both men for a double three count. Valentino came to the ring side area which got Iron & Joe’s attention. Bobby Shields and Bobby Beverly attacked them from behind with chairs and belts. Iron got handcuffed to the ring ropes. Beverly assaulted Joe in front of Iron while he struggled to get up. Joe got curb stomped into a chair. They handcuffed Joe to the ropes and gave him a chair shot to the head. (At least it was a plastic chair.) Iron was hit in the back with a chair.

Analysis: The match was pretty chaotic. It would have helped to not keep people tagging in and out constantly. No one seemed to get hurt enough to be pinned. The aftermath was a well done heel beat down. Score: 0.

Benjamin Boone, with Ben Fruth, said that N8 Mattson was suspended because he couldn’t get a rematch for the TV Title. Mattson told Boone over the phone that he has what it takes to win the TV Title. Boone said that Fruth has failed at every challenge that the Sons of Michigan have put in front of him. Boone said that he can’t screw this chance up because he will be taking on Doctor Monstrous also known as Portia Perez. Boone turned his attention to “Omega” Aaron Draven and asked him why he should be the one to stop Boone’s nearly two year winning streak.  Boone said he will bring the TV Title back to The Big Blue.

Analysis: The promo would have been better if only they had ordered it differently. They went TV Title, random under card match back to the TV Title. It would have been much better if it were random undercard match then all about the TV title match. Boone delivered a good promo and the right authority. Score: +1.

Wrestlelution rewind. (I was too lazy to say what match this was. Considering their increase in viewership, I understand why they show them but they’re a bit boring to me.)

“The Megastar” Marion Fontaine said that his shining moment will come at Wrestlelution. Fontaine said that he has had fuel added to his fire because management has brought in “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan to take him out. Fontaine said that Duggan knows he’s just telling the truth and will pat him on the back at Wrestlelution. Fontaine said if he didn’t pat him on the back, he’d be ready to take it to the ring. Fontaine stated that his star will shine at Wrestlelution.

Analysis: Solid promo but I think he repeated the shining star motif too many times. Score: +1.

Another Wrestlelution rewind. Vic Travgliante had the Control Center segment again.

“M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross admitted to attacking everyone and blaming Johnny Gargano. He complained about all of the people “earning” their title shot. Cross said no one has more worked harder, has more heart or desire than anyone in wrestling. Cross said he has never lost to Gargano and that’s why Gargano didn’t want to fight him. Cross said the time for Gargano being a coward are over and that he will expose him for the fraud he is. Cross finished said that he will take back what never should have left him the PWO Heavyweight Title.

Analysis: Best mic work ever by Cross. Very convincing and a nice argument when you factor out the sneak attacks. Score: +2.

Corey Winters accompanied by Earnie Ballz came to the ring to take on Johnny Gargano. Maguire openly questioned Ballz’ management style. Dombrowski reminded everyone that Cross stole the PWO Title Belt last week. (Yeah I should have noted that about the promo. Cross was wearing it on his shoulder the whole time.) Gargano took Winters to the wood shed quickly. Gargano hung Winters between the ropes, rammed him with his ass a couple of times then drop kicked him. Winters hit a cutter but then Ballz gave him a handkerchief to look more like himself. Maguire said this was an innovative strategy by Ballz. Winters screamed when he only got a two count. Winters suplexed Gargano after several attempts. Winters gave Gargano a senton then gave him a reverse chin lock. Gargano gave Winters a sling shot spear. Gargano super kicked Winters. Gargano caught him with Uniquely You for the three count.

Gargano grabbed the mic and said Cross left him lying in a parking lot last week. He said his belt was stolen. Gargano challenged Cross to a match right then and there. Cross snuck out from the crowd and bicycle kicked Gargano again. Cross yelled at Gargano telling him the belt was his. Cross then clocked him and stood over him.

Analysis: Winters got in a lot of offense but the match was short enough that it sort of made up for the offensive imbalance in my book to not make Gargano look too weak. The end segment was another classic heel beat down with different tactics. Nice. Score: +1.

Final Score: 7/8 . Final Analysis: More build for the PPV while doing little harm to those who lost since they are normally on the short end of the stick. I can’t say I have some over arching point aside from the obvious one above. – Kevin

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