WWE Signs Consequences Creed

Livin' in America!

According to absolutely everywhere, WWE has recently signed Consequences Creed, aka Austin Watson, to a deal with developmental. This is a great signing, as it was a complete mystery why TNA turfed him in the first place. Actually, it wasn’t really a mystery at all, considering he’s 23 years old, not one of Hulk Hogan’s buddies, isn’t a huge fan of crummy B-movies, has some charisma and cares about what he does in the ring.

Either way, though, TNA’s loss is WWE’s gain because Creed definitely has some potential if used properly. – Dusty

2 Responses to “WWE Signs Consequences Creed”

  1. Newbobdole 2010-07-25 at 12:02 am #

    The wait is on for what fucked up name they’ll give him, I’m hoping for, “Thurston Crabapple.”

  2. stuntgranny 2010-07-25 at 9:27 am #

    Hargrove Happyfeet?

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