Wrestlers Rescue Is Bullshit

Watch out Dawn! That homeless man is going to hustle you!

From wrestlezone.com:

According to Mike Aldren, who is the editor of The Wrestling Globe Newsletter and a writer for The UK Sun, former WWE Diva Dawn Marie Damatta is accused of embezzling money raised by her “Wrestlers Rescue” organization to fly herself to conventions around the country in order to make money from autograph signings and appearances. “Wrestlers Rescue” is a charity organization created by Damatta to help support the health care needs of retired pro wrestlers. When questioned by Aldren, Damatta set her attorney on him, who admitted that “Wrestlers Rescue” is not a registered charity.

Activist Irvin Muchnick then posted the following on his blog which was noted to him by Aldren: “Nobody seems to know where all the money has gone nor has anyone seemingly benefited from the money that Dawn has raised over the past three years. Her former friends have told me she uses the money to fly herself to conventions around the country so she can profit from autograph signings. She has agreements with several promoters where if she flies herself in she will get a free table to sell her merchandise. When I started asking reasonable questions, Dawn set her attorney on me, who admits Wrestlers Rescue is not a registered charity.”

Additionally, it’s being said that a host of the “Hit the Ropes” radio show has made similar accusations against Damatta, claiming that the FBI is actually investigating both her and “Wrestlers Rescue” for possible embezzlement. His claim is that the organization did not refund money for a canceled benefit cruise back in April 2010.

The “Hit the Ropes” host also claimed that Damatta did not aid Dr. Death Steve Williams as promised when she held a benefit for the late pro wrestler last year to aid him in his fight against cancer. The host claimed that money raised from the benefit did not help Williams get the voice box needed to assist him in speaking.

It’s being said that the organization’s website, which can be found at www.wrestlersrescue.org, was suspended for sometime last night, but is now working again.

I will never get tired of laughing at people who get surprised when wrestlers or former wrestlers do carny-type activities. Of course Wrestlers Rescue is phony. I would have been shocked and disappointed if it was legit. – Dusty

2 Responses to “Wrestlers Rescue Is Bullshit”

  1. Newbobdole 2010-07-24 at 11:58 pm #

    I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise.

    I’m sure certain individuals that run wrestling-news-pay-for-sites have his raging bile duct all covered.

  2. Shaun 2011-02-06 at 11:27 pm #

    I call BS upon you….I have to. I have worked with WR for a bit now, and everything I have ever noticed is on the up and up. They have always answered questions, prompt forms, (even the IRS-Charity form) and seem like this was just mud slinging….

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