PWO – Season 3 – Episode 30

Guess who's traveling to Cleveland Sunday for Wrestlelution 3: A Defining Moment?

This episode is the last episode of the season (This past week’s episode was just a big preview of the Wrestlelution 3: A Defining Moment matches) so we should be just putting the whipped cream and cherry on these feuds.

“The Megastar” Marion Fontaine came to the ring and grabbed the mic. He berated the crowd and said that Matt Justice blew all of his chances. He said he had to work hard to get management’s attention. Fontaine called out Justice. Aaron Maguire said that Fontaine will beat Duggan at Wrestlelution to cement himself as a “Megastar”. A slow start led to Fontaine getting tossed out of the ring. Justice forearmed Fontaine in the corner. Justice hit a reverse atomic drop. Fontaine thrust kicked Justice. A leg lariat got a two count for Fontaine. Joe Dombrowski had mentioned Justice’s months long absence. Justice gave Fontaine a DVD. Fontaine shook the ring rope which got Justice to fall. Fontaine gave Justice a Lionsault for the victory. Fontaine said that he’s going to run Duggan in circles. Dombrowski got up from his booth, berated Fontaine and said that people earn their way on their own. Dombrowski said that Fontaine only cares for himself. Dombrowski said Duggan will beat respect into him.

Analysis: Dombrowski and Maguire hyped Fontaine’s match for Wrestlelution well until Dombrowski got up from his desk and berated him. I thought Fontaine did his part with the in ring promo before the match and he won his match convincingly. It clouded the participants in the match at Wrestlelution. Dombrowski isn’t in the match, so he shouldn’t get up from the desk and make himself part of it practically on the go home show. Score: +1 (Grr, I’m not going to go to fractions. Good stuff mostly.)

“Omega” Aaron Draven told N8 Mattson screwed himself over with his stipulation. Draven called Benjamin Boone the “First Lady of Michigan” but then told a serious part about how he realizes what a tough opponent he will be. Draven said he wants to end the near two year winning streak of Boone and defend his TV Title belt. Boone came in and gave Draven a cobra clutch. He told Draven he was going to beat him and take home the TV Title. Boone then tossed him down.

Analysis: Good segment. Draven was as strong as I remember. Boone rag dolling him without killing him proved the size and strength advantage he’ll have in the match. Couldn’t ask for better hype. Score: +1.

Earnie Ballz was talking to Eric Ryan and Corey Winters and telling them that they had a six man match at Wrestlelution. Ballz said Winters need to take his game up another notch which is why Ballz scheduled a match against Johnny Gargano for him. Ballz told Ryan that he needed to get his head straight. He informed him that Ryan would have a Raven’s Rules match against Jason Bane to toughen him up. Ryan thought the match was a terrible idea because he’ll get the tar beaten out of him and not be healed by Wrestlelution. Ballz told him to have confidence. He tried to hype them up. Brian Bender came in and told Ballz “Why would you to put your people through the mill?” Ballz said he’s happy Bender is bringing the Puerto Ricans because they wrecked their tag team. Bender said that he was the muscle behind all of Ballz hype.

Analysis: Ballz is quite stupid for putting his people through these matches. Even if I don’t like the “I’m not crappy as you argument” Ballz and Bender are giving each other it was more good hype.  Score: +1.

Jason Bane and Eric Ryan had their match. Maguire hyped Raven taking on Jason Bane beta Ryan all over the ring side area starting with a Singapore cane. Bane bashed Ryan over the head with a street sign. Bane gave Ryan a spine buster then a “Baneline” for the victory. Maguire took a microphone to close to ring side and started bitching out Bane. Bane reminded Maguire that Maguire’s first two attempts to take Bane out of Pro Wrestling Ohio have failed. Bane said he’s going to do the same to Raven.

Analysis: More good hype. Score: +1.

Sex Appeal – Bobby Shields, Nicky Valentino & Bobby Beverly – popped on the screen. Beverly said that they have an ugly part on the inside even though they have an exterior that is beautiful. Shields said they want to beat up Gregory Iron and Hobo Joe in the no DQ rules match. Shields said that no matter how healthy their team is, they’re still going to fight three on two.

Analysis: Solid hype. Shields is a little wooden on the mic. Beverly is getting better. Score: +1.

Michael “The Bomber” Facade said that he was back. He said that he had a miracle recovery. He warned Xion it would be an eye for an eye. Facade told the Gambinos that he creeps at night so he’s not worried about them. Facade said they hit harder, fly higher and have an arsenal of moves they haven’t seen yet. Facade said that him and the Ninja Elite Squad are unstoppable.

Analysis: He can be a little goofy in an early Cena white rapper kind of a way. He got his point across though. Score: +1.

Vic Travgliante hyped Wrestlelution 3 from the Control Center.

Johnny Gargano said that over a year ago he made several promises. The first was to make things right by doing the right thing. He said he wanted to provide fun for everyone in the crowd. Gargano said that he always intended to give Cross a rematch and said that people just kept coming at him or leap frogging Cross to fight Gargano. Gargano said that he wanted Gregory Iron to have a shot to make up his past transgressions against Iron. Gargano thought nothing of the attacks until they got more frequent. Gargano was pissed because he considered Cross a friend in the locker. Gargano was also pissed because he was treated like an outcast because of Cross. Gargano said he lost friends and respect because of these fake accusations. Gargano said he always knew he was framed. Gargano didn’t want to think it was Cross that would hurt him this way because of how close they had been. He said that his second promise of giving Cross a title shot will come true. Gargano said they will steal the show like they were going to but in a different way. Not a great match out of respect but a great fight because of the hell he’s going to put Cross through.  Gargano realized that the old Johnny Gargano still lives in him. Cross foretold that Gargano was going to become evil again but he told Cross he should be worried about what he has unlocked. Gargano said he’s going to start his violence streak tonight.

Analysis: Aside from covering his mouth entirely too much during the promo it was well done. Score: +1.

Vic Travgliante has a sit down interview with Krimson. He first asked him about his part in the Facade attacks. Krimson stayed silent. Vic then asked him about his Wrestlelution opponent and he stayed quiet. Vic then asked Krimson about his former persona. Krimson got up and attacked Vic. He said that CK3 worked hard but then got complacent. Krimson said it was necessary to kill his former self. Krimson told Super Hentai said that he’s going to need a lot help to win the match.

Analysis: An announcer attack is just what the doctor ordered to make the hype different. Score: +1.

“M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross came to the ring and found out his mystery opponent was going to be Ben Fruth. Dombrowski admitted that Ben Fruth isn’t very good. Maguire tried to tell Dombrowski that the other Sons of Michigan are helping to hype them. Dombrowski ran down the Wrestlelution card while Cross continued beat the tar out of Fruth. Dombrowski said that someone was attacked by Johnny Gargano. The announcers hyped both of their animosity toward each other. Cross continued to dominate Fruth. Cross finished him off with a standing moonsault. Dombrowski said they didn’t know what as happening for sure. Gargano rushed towards Cross who ran away. Security held back Gargano.

Analysis: Good final hype. Score: +1.

Final Score: 9/9. Final Analysis: They hyped all of the matches well.  I’m just surprised they didn’t have Gregory Iron and Hobo Joe on the show in any capacity.  Considering that they had 9 segments (plus the control center segment so 10 really) they couldn’t have stuck anything else on the show. The main event and the two bouts with bigger names got most of the hype just like they should. – Kevin

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