Stunt Granny Audio #108: Rob Van Sandman Edition

Ted DiBiase

"Hey kid, *I'm* still the one who comes up when you Google Image Search 'ted dibiase'! NYAHHH HAHAHAHAHA!"

Eric and Kevin return with a look at the past few days’ wrestling events. What did the guys think of finally getting to see Tommy Dreamer cry on TNA iMPACT! last Thursday? How many holes (not of the donut kind) in logic does this whole invasion angle have? And what can we expect from the next few weeks of TV (hint: huge matches, PPV-caliber show or not). The gents move onto Monday Night Raw and the usual “dissension among the ranks” angle that crops up every so often. Also of note: What did they think of Nexus’ domination of seven superstars? Of Miz and Sheamus’ interaction? Of John Morrison’s beard? Also, what brilliant idea does Kevin have for Ted DiBiase? All this and Percy Watson if you just click and listen! (72 minutes)

Stunt Granny Audio #108

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