Wrestlelution 3: A Defining Moment Preview

I wish I-71 was this exciting to drive on.

Since I’m going to Cleveland for Wrestlelution 3: A Defining Moment, I figured I’d do a preview since I blew threw the matches in my reviews. I’m going to review them in the order that they are listed on their Myspace page. (I couldn’t find it on their Facebook page and their main website is having issues according to their Facebook page)

“Doctor Monstrous” aka Portia Perez vs. Ben Fruth – This match better not be the curtain jerker because it won’t get the crowd revved up. It will make a nice breather match at some point on the card. Portia is a good wrestler who I wish would have a quality women’s match but that’s not to be. She may be able to teach Ben Fruth a thing or two in the ring. They also are about the same size (I think and I’m too lazy to look up their stats right now) so it shouldn’t be too lop sided. I don’t expect it to go to long. Winner: Ben Fruth breaks his O-fer streak.

Ernie Ballz, Eric Ryan & Corey Winters vs. Brian Bender & the Puerto Rican Wrecking Crew (Isaac Montana & Luis Diamante) – This match is tied together by the former Team Clash (Ballz & Bender) who are feuding over who was the leader of Team Clash, who evidently was far more successful than the one I watched on TV. The PRWC has been off TV for a large chunk of the end of the season due to injuries so they have been a non-factor in the tag division. They did break up Team Clash by attacking and injuring Ballz early in their tenure on PWO. Ryan & Winters have been guided by Ballz the last couple of months with minimal to no success. It’s hard to get into this match or even predict a winner since the feud is so unconvential since Ballz hasn’t been in the ring since the PRWC attacked him and they have been MIA on TV. Winner: Bender & the PRWC.

Michael “The Bomber” Facade & Aeroform (Louis Linden & Flip Kendrick) vs. Marshall & Mickey Gambino & a mystery partner – This match has curtain jerker written all over it. No belt is on the line, Team Facade can flip all over the ring and you can let the crowd enjoy a face victory to get them fired up for the show. Shima Xion is unable to go because of the injury inflicted on him from Facade, who spray painted his eyes to get Xion back for a similar offense. The mystery person holds little intrigue and shouldn’t influence the match in any way. Winner: Team Facade.

Krimson vs. Super Hentai – This grudge match pits someone who is destroying the hopes of wrestlers who think they can make it (Krimson) against someone who wants the young wrestlers to dream a bigger dream and try to make it to the big time (Hentai). Both men are good in the ring, even if Hentai has had very little in ring time during this season of PWO, so the quality of the match should be top notch. Krimson has been one of the better wrestlers in the promo department all season even if they got monotonous sometimes. Hentain is OK on the mic and seems like a part time wrestler for PWO. Winner: Krimson.

“Omega” Aaron Draven defends his PWO TV Title vs. “The Big Bear” Benjamin Boone – Draven has had his hands full with the Sons of Michigan all season starting with “Amazing” N8 Mattson defeating him for the TV Title and then losing back to Draven recently. That match stipulated that the men will not wrestle again so Mattson is sending Boone after Draven to recapture the TV Title for the Sons of Michigan. Boone is on a close to two year winning streak since Mattson started mentoring him. Draven is providing the “David” to Boone’s “Goliath” so size & strength will be pitted against speed & heart. This match should also be good because Draven has been good in the ring for a while and Boone has improved quite a bit as he has gotten more fit and dropped weight. Winner: Benjamin Boone to keep the streak alive.

Sex Appeal (Bobby Beverly, Bobby Shields & Nicky Valentino) defend the PWO Tag Team Titles vs. The Homeless Handicapped Connection (Hobo Joe & Gregory Iron) – Both of these teams have been given plenty of TV time this year. Iron needed to earn Joe’s trust after years of Joe being burnt by partners who included Beverly. Iron knocked out Beverly’s teeth in a tag match last year at Wrestlelution 2. The Homeless Handicapped Connection also had Sex Appeal’s valet, Dawn Decadence, booted out of PWO. Sex Appeal wants to rid PWO of anyone they feel is inferior looking which includes Joe & Iron. The bad blood flows in this match which is why it is a No DQ match. Sex Appeal has the numbers advantage so – Winner: Sex Appeal.

Raven (with Aaron Maguire & Mr. Brinks) vs. Jason Bane – Raven is coming to PWO to collect Maguire’s $100,000 bounty on Jason Bane to get him out of PWO. Maguire has been unsuccessful the previous two years (with Cronus and then the Gambinos) but is hoping Raven is his ticket to get Bane out of PWO. Bane is in as good a shape as he’s ever been and has been beter in the ring because of it. I hope that Raven is in better shape because of his TV time for TNA but I doubt it since he’s robbing money from a hot, rich & dumb broad. With all of the interference that Brinks & Maguire will provide, it should keep things interesting. The match is also Raven’s Rules so that should only add to the chaos at ring side and help hide Raven’s limitations. Winner: Jason Bane.

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan vs. “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine – Fontaine has been bitching all year that he has previously been held back by management because of bad gimmicks. They certainly didn’t help him but he has stepped up his mic work this year because I remember him having plenty of it in previous years (Again, I’m too lazy to go back through my reviews. It was laziness and not having the time to do it) but not capitalizing on it. His look (beanpole) does hold him back. Duggan is a good name to bring in and an easy way to get the crowd (except for me) chanting USA. Since one name being brought in lost already – Winner: “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan.

“The Whole Shebang” Johnny Gargano defends the PWO Heavyweight Title vs. “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross  – I never include Gargano’s nickname because it’s beyond terrible. It’s on his tights too. It makes me want to puke. Cross has caused a lot of problems by sneak attacking Gargano’s fallen opponents which got Gargano banished from the locker room temporarily. Cross wasn’t given his rematch for the Title so he perputrated the attacks to get back at Gargano. Many people were put on Gargano’s plate by PWO management and through is own choosing, like Gregory Iron. Gargano said that the old Johnny is back and that he will make Cross pay for the problems he has caused him. The mean streak will help Gargano who has been more serious as the year has gone on. They are the two best wrestlers in the organization (Cross has spent far more time there this year than in years past) so this match should be the main event without even putting the PWO Heavyweight Title in the mix. Winner: Johnny Gargano to send the crowd home happy.

Now if only my Saturn holds out on the trip to and from Columbus. – Kevin

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