Stunt Granny Audio: PWO Wrestlelution 3 Recap

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Eric uses his journalistic integrity to grill Kevin over his live experience at Pro Wrestling Ohio’s Wrestlelution 3: A Defining Moment. Did Kevin’s Saturn make the trip to Cleveland? How large was the crowd? Was there anyone special near Kevin and cohort Sean? How did Kevin Do with his predictions? How many questions in a row can I type while hyping this gargantuan audio that encompasses an hour and forty minutes on a show that lasted three hours and thirty minutes? Just know that you can eventually order the Wrestlelution 3 DVD (shameless plug) and see if you agree about Kevin’s opinions of the event. One last question, who did Kevin rope into an interview for Stunt Granny?

Stunt Granny Audio: Wrestlelution 3 Recap (Part 1, 50 min)

Stunt Granny Audio: Wrestlelution 3 Recap (Part 2, 50 min)

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