Gen. Skandor Akbar passes away at 75

Skandor Akbar

(L to R) Not Randy Orton, Not Cody Rhodes, Not Ted DiBiase

According to every site out there, Gen. Skandor Akbar (or Skandar, depending on what territory you remember him from; real name Jim Wehba) passed away, possibly today, from unknown causes. He was 75. See, all you young wrestlers, at least Akbar had the common courtesy to wait a few decades before kicking the bucket. I remember Akbar leading Devastation, Inc., in later incarnations of World Class Championship Wrestling and the Global Wrestling Federation on ESPN, and I often wondered how a hated Middle Easterner acquired such a perfect American accent. But that’s neither here nor there; he was a memorable act, his stable had an awesome name, and I’m sure he’ll be missed by friends and family (according to Slam Wrestling from Canada, Steve Austin had many glowing remarks about the man friends fondly referred to as “Ak”). -Eric

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