The New WWE Tag Team Title Belts

Here’s a new belt, in all its glorious glory:

As Eric Nelson said on the Stunt Granny Forum (which by the way is free to sign up for, so do it today!), there is a lot of wasted leather on there, due to them using circular designs instead of rectangles. Also, the gladiator imagery reminds me of high school (we were the Laconia Spartans), and that is NEVER a good thing. And I don’t like the illuminati-promoting sun design behind the “WWE” logo. I do agree with Eric that the font used to spell out “Tag Team Champions” is fantastic, however. And there’s something very shiny and new about shiny, new title belts. So mixed reviews here. – Dusty

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  1. Alex Patsellis 2012-08-18 at 3:54 am #

    How do I purchase this belt? I really need it!!!!
    Thank you

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