Hulkl Hogan and Eric Bischoff out of TNA?- UPDATE

Fuck this place!

Ok, so this could but utter bullshit but wanted to get this out there. According to Hulk Hogan’s Twitter account both Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan are goen from TNA. Here’s the post.

Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff out of TNA

From Hogan’s Twitter: @RealHulk_Hogan

I know you’ve heard the rumors brothers and they are true. Eric and I are leaving TNA on a mutual basis. I just got out of meetings now.
2 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone

It was really fun but time to move on.
half a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone

See here is why i consider this bullshit until proven otherwise. I did a quick search for @RealHulk_Hogan and I found nothing. Now I got this from a reliable person so I want to believe it.

So, if it is real this is not really news. TNA sucks and cannot be helped. Many have tried and now someone else will fail as well. I am sure this will be spun as a mutual thing but the reality of it is that Hulk realized he was in a toilet filled will stillborn and diarrhea and needed to get the hell out. He isn’t stupid. Arrogant, maybe but not stupid. -Jeremy


Yeah it’s bullshit. But this means I can repost this same post when it finally happens. I suppose this means our reliable person is a crackpot as well. Figures.

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