Big Show Has A Movie Trailer: Knucklehead

Yup, that’s right; it is the official trailer for WWE Films “Knucklehead” featuring The Big Show.

It would be easy to start off with the following line: “Apparently a bunch of knuckleheads approved financing for this movie.” but I am sure this will be abundantly used through countless other DVD reviews.

So, starting differently, this is going to be a total piece of shit. Is it any wonder that Samuel Goldwyn films makes abotu $0.77 on every movie they finance? This just shows that the sophomoric writing of WWE is accepted outside the WWE machine. Look, I don’t care who wrote it so save it. This is garbage inside of a dead baby’s coffin bad. If you wonder how this opinion was obtained you can follow these simple rules.

1: Fat/large guy falls a lot.

2: Fat/large guy has gastrointestinal issues

3: Fat/large guy is not retarded

4: Fat/large guy is the star of the movie

5: WWE is associated with the picture in any way. (Oh yeah that’s a zinger)

I had some hope that Melora Hardin would get naked in this since she is dreamy but then it is PG-13 and geared for kids. You know, the retard generation who laugh at anything.  So watch this and then come back in a month when I get it from Netflix. -Jeremy

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  1. Fanatic 2010-09-19 at 9:58 am #

    They should have scrapped this and filmed “The Garbage Man”, the character Big Show played on Royal Pains this summer.

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