Kevin’s Blog: Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of Raw

I'm pissed of at my PC.

After taking way too long to boot up my computer, I’m going to get to reviewing Raw. Jeremy wanted to do a recording with me tomorrow night. It might not be happening but hopefully we’ll get you some quality ear candy for this week about the WWE.

Teddy Long told me not to adjust my TV set. Outstanding. Teddy always rocks a good suit. I do get a kick out of Cole doing the GM stuff. It’s sucking to admit liking any aspect of that person. This yearly quickly manufactured heat between brands blows. Go with it Teddy, disconnect that computer. Nice time waster announcing Team Smackdown so I got to hit FF. I like Tyler Reks new look. Not sure why he’s in this event though. He’s going to get booted early so they’re going to kill his momentum. More FF action for Miz. Awesomeness, Zeke is back! I’m shocked, a big brawl. Cole is so over hyping the event. There, I feel better ripping on him. I love the little stuff Punk is doing to talk Miz into the match against Big Show. I got to FF thru the hype for Barrett/Orton too. I might catch up quicker than I thought.

Another match uo between these four guys. Fabulous. I have noticed that Kidd is being highlighted in the Hart Dynasty matches and that’s a good thing. DH Smith has been marginally better too. Disension in the Hart ranks. As good a place as any to start breaking them up. Really shocked another small guy might make it.

The Orton/Cena promo was ehhh.

Nice video package for R-Truth. Makes the song more listenable the way they remixed it.

Goldust having Oksana as a valet like Terri back in the day isn’t a bad way to go. The women don’t wrestle anyone so find them spots other ways.  Ryder does a better Jersey Shore act than The Shore in TNA. Wow, they are really getting behind Goldust. Since they’re doing a similar charater renewal with Undertaker, I’m not surprised they’re going back to Goldust’s roots.

Wade Barrett is being a fun dick. Nice interaction with Cena.

Who the hell is this? Ahh, from Knucklehead. Miz is doing a stellar job right now even if they’ve cooled him off a bit.

They actually came back with the water bit? And Barrett throws it in his face. More dickishness. I like it.

How much offense are Harris and McGillicutty going to get against these two? I’m most of the way to caught up.

Cena doing some selling, good for him. Cole, we don’t need to hear that awful “Army tank with a Ferrarri engine” line more than once. Drop it and let him get something better. Orton cleaning some serious house. I wish I had him here. The crowd is all loving Orton. Barrett using his power wisely still. I do like the whittling down of Nexus. Gives all the guys left more character.  Why can’t someone other than Cena help Orton? Bunch of fucking lazy asses in the locker room. They are more vulernable since their numbers are smaller. I’m taking a guess he’s going to have Cena give him the Attitude Adjustment. No one is shocked, but it’s still effective. I still don’t really like Barrett’s finisher. It’s fine enough but no better. Still holding out some hope Cena just goes to the dark side.

Vickie! She gets the good heat. My boy Dolph gets his chance on live TV. Go for Kaitlyn Dolph. Yes, Daniel Bryan saves the day. Adding a match to Bragging Rights. Bryan knows how to deliver lines, even after the downer comments he makes about himself. Dolph played his part well. The Divas interactions amongst themselves is embarrassing. Bryan showing some moves.

Can I type this match, Natalya vs. Alicia Fox before it finishes? Yes, I did.  Wasn’t finished much after that though. The charisma is being sucked out of the arena. Natalya sold enough and got out of it not to look to strong. They’ve built her up as well as any woman I can remember recently.

Damn it, did I miss the report that said Bourne would be out 4 months? That blows. Teddy Long killing it again. Nice of the whole Smackdown roster to come.

I hit FF until that little African American child from Knucklehead was on. I felt no need to hear him introduced. It’d be a waste of my time. I’m not going to see the movie. More FF until Miz gets into the ring. A gigantic battle royal. Yeah us.

I’m hoping the final 14 people are in the match. Boy, wonder why that would happen? Like I’m some sort of genius to point that out. I’m a jack ass sometimes. Cole showing ass to Hornswoggle. Why am I laughing at him? Nope, there goes Tyler Reks. I’m still lauhging at the grunting. Nice double elimination with Del Rio and Morrison since they’re both in the match. Swagger finally making the match a little more interesting since good and bad guys have been aligned no question. Nice way to bring back Zeke and make him look strong. I guess Smackdown gets the “big win”.

Wow, they’re really drilling the Cena story line tonight. Good night kids!

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