Steen VS Generico Has A Badass Promo Piece

Ok so apparently this is Video Clip Tuesday here on Stunt Granny but this is a badass piece of work. ROH, yes they still exist, is finally getting to the end of the El Generico/ Kevin Steen feud at Final Battle. The video clip above is a promo for their match. This is probably the best piece of video ROH has ever produced. I was just floored watching such a professional piece of work come from this promotion. Yes they have come a long way after being on HDNet but still, wow. This makes me want to actually see this match and with how cheap I have become (Ok broke) that is saying a lot. It also helps that these two as a team were awesome so them going against each other should, should be good. It has been kind of ho-hum so far and now there is a chance that they can live up to this hype? Unfortunately, this promo won’t be seen by a lot of people but for those who do, you are in for a treat. -Jeremy

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