CM Punk needs hip surgery, needs to get his ass back

cm punk

Punker, with all of his "get well" stuffed animals.

According to, CM Punk will undergo hip surgery and need to take approximately three months off. It’s a heavy load carrying the heel side of Smackdown around; looks like it finally got to him just as he made it to Monday Night Raw. Also according to the article, the creative staff has been told to come up with a nonwrestling role for Punk. Oh god, I think I just popped one thinking about how awesome a three-man Raw announce booth would be, with Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and Punk. I mean, I guess a Roddy Piper-style Piper’s Pit could be OK, but that gimmick has been run into the ground in the past seven years. Or maybe he’s Raw’s general manager and he traded himself to Raw because Smackdown is so much garbage. No matter what, we’ve been mostly Punkless in the ring for the past few months, so if one more surgery right now means he’ll be healthy for the run from Royal Rumble to WrestleMania, then I’m paging Dr. James Andrews to carve him open right now! -Eric

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