TNAnonymous has a ‘tude on Twitter

Brilliance, captured.

As much as we hate TNA Wrestling, apparently no one hates it more than almost everyone in TNA’s own locker room. That must be embarrassing, running a multi-million dollar company (into the ground) and knowing that so many of the people who collect your paychecks hate your guts personally and are ashamed of your work professionally.

Well, one semi-ballsy wrestler has chosen to enter the Twitterverse anonymously (appropriately, his Twitter handle is @TNAnonymous), and although I’m sure you’ve all been wised up to the existence of this stealthy cyberstud, we thought we’d catch you up on his past few posts. Why now? Because he made fun of Matt Hardy, of course!

“Money that could be spent by boosting Gen Me’s measly wage is now going to be put towards catering in preperation for Matt Hardy’s arrival.”

Now mind you, we at Stunt Granny think Generation Me are f@gs and spot monkeys who are a detriment to the pro wrestling business, but any time someone can take a poke at Matt Hardy (when I think of that, I imagine someone putting a finger in the Pillsbury Dough Boy’s stomach), we’re all for it.

Of course, with social media comes brilliant commentary, including this response from @billyrouth1 (had to stake his claim to being the first one, I guess):

thats bc gen me are a couble of retards

Yep, Gen Me and Billy Routh, a real couble of retards. -Eric

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  1. Anonymous Smart Mark 2010-10-29 at 1:21 pm #

    Ironic you should call GenMe that particular term when Jeremy Buck went on Twitter and said he was in support of Prop 8 and bashed gays.

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