Extras needed in Minneapolis for Baron Von Raschke movie!

baron von raschke

"I need extras! And that is all the people need to know!"

Holy crap! According to the A.V. Club portion of the Onion’s Web site, extras are needed in Minneapolis THIS WEEKEND to play crazed wrestling fans for the filming of a biopic on Baron Von Raschke! Shit, I wish I could make it up there! We generally don’t copy and paste entire articles, but here’s almost all of the details you’ll need:

This weekend, you can become part of wrestling history. A film about Minnesota’s own professional wrestling sensation Baron Von Raschke is being shot at First Avenue on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., and the scene needs extras—a lot of extras. “Hicks, rednecks, business people, moms, crazy women, old-school folk, grease monkeys, farmers, and regular folk who appear 1960s or ’70s” are all asked to show up and get loud. It takes all kinds to form a crowd of crazed wrestling fans, so don’t be shy. Be sure to dress era-appropriate, and prepare yourself for a rowdy affair. Participants are encouraged to act angry, hoot and holler, fight one another, and swear like sailors. If you plan to attend, let filmmakers Phil Harder and Karl Raschke (yes, that would be the Baron’s son) know by dropping them an e-mail. There’s a special place for grandmas, grandpas (aged 60-75), and proficient French speakers in all of this, so let Harder and Raschke know if you fit the bill. Then borrow a flannel and a trucker hat from one of your hipster pals, and head to the Mainroom Saturday morning.

Go! Do this! Make me proud! -Eric

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    Mauer 2011-01-21 at 7:17 pm #

    Why couldn’t somebody tell me this sooner!!!!!

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