Shelly Martinez has an amazing rack

In the interest of full disclosure there is nothing better on this planet than a huge rack. The ass is fine and legs are good too but nothing compares to big juicy titties. As a means of proving my point I give you exhibit A. This is a pic Shelly Martinez from her Twitter. She has been out of the national promotions for about a year but her rack is amazing. How amazing you may ask? Well, it is so ridiculously beautiful that it made me ignore the fact that she is a Hardy fan. What? You didn’t notice the print on the t-shirt? Well look a little lower and there it is. She is wearing a fucking Hardy Boyz shirt. Yes that is sickening but if there was ever a way to make up for this grievous injustice it has to be her ample bosoms. That is all. -Jeremy

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    Jeff Brown uh huh 2011-01-19 at 7:50 pm #

    Didn’t notice the Hardy Boyz shirt until I read your writings. I wanna motorboat and other sinful things those boobies.

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