PWO – Season 4 – Episode 7

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Vic Travgliante was on TV first. He said that “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross but the rest of the main event, Jason Bane, Marion Fontaine and PWO champion Johnny Gargano were there.

Joe Dombrowski asked Aaron Maguire why Cross was last seen with him. Dombrowski accused him of thinning the herd to help Fontaine. Maguire denied. Dombrowski said that the PWO Tag Team Titles will also be determined tonight between the Homeless Handicapped Connection against Benjamin Boone with Ben Fruth as the special guest referee. Boone grabbed the mic and said he’d get the job done single handedly. Boone told Fruth to call it down the middle.

After the commercial break, Hobo Joe & Gregory Iron made their way to the ring. Pedro De Lucca did formal introductions. Boone got the early jump on Hobo Joe but made a mistake by throwing Joe into the corner with Iron. They double  teamed him for a bit. Iron sentoned Boone then Fruth was hesitant to make a count.  Iron got tossed to the outside. Joe had made a sneaky tag but Boone caught him coming in. Maguire’s mic was really quiet. I can barely hear his responses to Dombrowski’s questions. Boone gave Joe a belly to belly throw which landed him too close to Iron. It looked ridiculous for him not to make a tag. Boone stayed on the offensive against Joe including a bear hug.  Joe gave Boone the pit stop to get out.Joe made the hot tag moments later. Iron gave Boone a pair of reverse elbows then a drop kick from the second rope.  Joe tagged back in and their double team back fired. Boone tried to pin Iron but he wasn’t the legal man. Boone hit Joe with a Tag Title belt. Fruth stopped counting before getting to three. Dombrowski hyped Fruth stanng up for himself. He kicked Boone in the balls. Joe gave Boone a senton to retain the belts. Fruth took off his referee shirt which revealed a Sons of Michigan shirt. He took that off and threw it at Boone. When Boone recovered, he looked at the shirt and almost cried.

Analysis: The booking was paint by numbers. Little peon stands up for himself which allows the much smaller tag team champions to beat a man they really had no business beating. I’ll continue to be baffled as to why Boone & N8 Mattson want Fruth in their stable considering he hasn’t ever helped them in about the calendar year he’s been with them. Score: +1.

Bobby Beverly said that the sexiest, most deserving man in PWO has the TV Title. Valentino said that he took care of business by beating Flip Kendrick. Bobby Shields said that they finish the job next week when he beats Louis Linden.  Beverly finishes the promo by saying “Sex Appeal will always finish on top.”

Analysis: Beverly was great. The other two did what they needed. Score: +1.

They replayed a match between Johnny Gargano and Marion Fontaine from earlier this season but said it was from November 7th, 2011. The graphics department must be from the future. Considering that they hyped Pressure Rising for months (They couldn’t do anything about postponing it because of bad weather.) I can’t believe they used seven minutes of air time to show most of this match. Score: -1.

“The Megastar” Marion Fontaine came out with new tights and shirt. Dombrowski continued to ask Maguire why Cross wasn’t there. Fontaine said we were in for a treat. He said that he will make a statement tonight.  Fontaine said that he has something to prove to every critic. He pointed out Justin LaBar from (I vomit a little in my mouth every time I hear his name.) The mic was low for Fontaine so it was hard to tell what he was saying. Fontaine asked LaBar why he thought his website had any credibility.

Analysis: After running down LaBar for not having any PWO material on his site, I haven’t gone back. I did notice though that he does web content for the paper in Pittsburgh I don’t read, the Tribune-Review. They’re doing cross promotion so I can’t blame the PWO much. Maybe I’ll see what he has up for kicks though. I’m guess he wasn’t doing any research work for Wrestlemania set designs. PWO needs to get the big things right. Having a low mic in the ring and on one of your announcers is a big thing. Score: -1.

Dombrowski cleaned up the segment by saying that LaBar had a negative view of Fontaine. So LaBar has himself making up his review so he can get into a storyline? I hope that isn’t the case. If he was bagging on Fontaine’s physique (which seemed to be what Dombrowski was implying) I can understand that. Jason Bane came out next followed by the PWO Champion Johnny Gargano. They listed Fontaine at 6′-2″, 175 lbs. Considering I’m 5′-9″, 170 and in solid shape, that’s really skinny. Bane was listed as 6′-8″ & 265. Gargano clocked in at 5′-11″ & 210. There is fourteen minutes of TV time left for a match that has an hour time limit.

Fontaine went after Bane then got tossed outside by Gargano. Bane got the better of Gargano then brought Fontaine back in the hard way. Enziguri on Bane by Gargano laid him out for a moment. Gargano got taken off the ring apron by a Fontaine back elbow. Bane tossed Fontaine outside, who clipped the guardrail with his heel. Ouch. Fontaine tried to slam Bane to no avail but took him down with a drop kick to the left knee. Fontaine worked on the knee by slamming it against a ring post. Gargano gave Fontaine a suicide dive & rolling senton on the outside. They took the match to the ring side area. (Gargano needs to learn from  Austin who was always smart enough to punch or kick a guy as he dragged him around the ring side area. When you just carry them by the scruff of the neck, what’s to keep them from breaking free?) Gargano threw Fontaine into the mechanical bull pit. (They’re at a classy joint.) Gargano crotched Fontaine on the bull. They went back into the ring. Fontaine got a quick beating from Bane. Dombrowski said that LaBar supports them each and every week. (I vomited more than a little that time.) Bane gave Gargano a spine buster as he came off the ropes. Bane was ready to give Gargano either a fall away slam or a World’s Strongest slam when Fontaine on him like he was going to give him a huracanrana. Bane slammed both of them. (Cool spot. Couldn’t have done it without Fontaine being that small.) Bane got a two count on Gargano. Bane put both of them on the top rope.  Fontaine gave Bane a frog splash after knocking him down. Maguire said that the “pressure was rising.” (I can’t believe that’s the first time I remember hearing that.) Gargano got a two count on a sunset flip on Fontaine. Gargano went for Uniquely You but he turned it into a fireman’s slam. Bane charged at Fontaine who pulled the referee in front  of him. Mr. Brinks came into the ring and splashed Bane while he looked at the fallen ref. Bane chased Mr. Brinks to the back. (Another wrestling standard that I’ll never understand.) Maguire left the announce booth. Gargano super kicked Fontaine then gave him Uniquely You. Maguire gave Fontaine Mr. Brinks’ night stick while Gargano checked on the ref. Fontaine kicked Gargano in the balls then hit him on the back of the neck with the night stick. The ref goes from comatose to counting three for Fontaine. He is the new PWO Heavyweight Champion. Maguire put a mustache on the title belt. Fontaine then showed LaBar the title and walked off.

Analysis: It was another paint by numbers match up that worked. Bad guys distract the dominant guy (Bane) so that the heel (Fontaine) can cheat while the referee is down after a bump. I typed a lot of the action of this match. It kept me intrigued and kept moving with no one taking an Edge Coffee break. Score: +2.

Final Score: 2/5. Final Analysis: They advanced the Sons of Michigan storyline, followed up on Sex Appeal’s winning ways and concentrated on Fontaine before and after winning the PWO Heavyweight Title. The only problem is the one they’ve noted themselves, Fontaine’s size. He wrestles well, is one of the better if not best on the mic in the company and can be a chicken shit heel going forward ducking challengers. Well played sirs even if there were a number of problems that I’ve already mentioned. – Kevin

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    business review April 12, 2011 at 4:53 am #

    Deelicious Jimmy DeMarco was banned from the arena but still interfered in the match when he hit Fontaine with his purse because he was dressed up as a female fan sitting at ringside…Michael Cash caught up with DeMarco backstage and asked him why he interfered again. Nothing talked up his in-ring abilities because of his wins over Mike Tolar and Marion Fontaine.

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