Stunt Granny Lunch Conversation: Jeremy and Eric, April 18, 2011

ric flair eating

"Hehehe, you guys are nuts."

Eric: So R-Truth getting a title shot in a three-way has to be a slight on John Morrison, right?

Eric: I mean, Cena vs. Miz vs. Morrison makes sense.

Eric: Miz ganged up on against his hated rival and his former partner.

Eric: Morrison is the up-and-coming star who won (and HAD) a match at WrestleMania.

Eric: And then he pulled the Trish Stratus stuff.

Eric: Yank Morrison out of the plans and take away a) the prestige of the title shot and b) the payday of a PPV main event.

Jeremy: Oh, you got that right.

Eric: But R-Truth?? That’s the slappiest of slaps in the face.

Jeremy: Could have been Santino or Kozlov for that matter.

Eric: Yeah, at least Santino is over, and Kozlov had a feud with Undertaker for a cup of perestroika.

Eric: Who is R-Truth?

Eric: (Saying that always makes me think of that Ric Flair clip on YouTube: “What is TNA?”)

Jeremy: Wow, what happened to Flair?

Jeremy: He looks like garbage compared to just a few years ago.

Eric: Yeah, and a few years ago he looked like garbage compared to a few years before that.

Eric: He doesn’t age… he’s more like a Chinese nesting doll.

Eric: Every three years he sheds his skin, and an older, creepier guy comes out.

Eric: Soon it’ll be George Burns.

Jeremy: 3 of the four guys on this panel are in TNA. All listening to Flair bag TNA.

Jeremy: Awesome.

Eric: Bunch of marks 🙂

Jeremy: Yeah, but they getting a paycheck.

Jeremy: Foley is collecting checks for no work.

Jeremy: How nice is that?

Eric: Very.

Jeremy: TAZ has the hardest job of the three. Sit there and call absolute garbage next to a guy that can’t call matches.

Eric: Be home more often, collect paychecks from suckers.

Jeremy: Flair at least gets to perform.

Jeremy: If you are a veteran wrestler that WWE just simply doesn’t want, then TNA is a great place to go.

Jeremy: Dixie gives you a bunch of money, you “perform” 5 nights a month, and you don’t have to go on the road.

Jeremy: Unless you wanna hawk $20 eight-by-tens.

Eric: What if you’re an entitled asshole like John Morrison? Do you leave the mothership and act like you’re gonna change the world with your Parkour stylings in the lesser wrestling company?

Jeremy: Of course you do cause you are aloof.

Jeremy: You think you will make a difference and make things better for TNA.

Jeremy: Then you can stick it to Vince, who has already forgotten your work.

Eric: Haha, yep.

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