PWO – Season 4 – Episode 10

Two Title matches tonight, but which one changed hands? Find out after you click "Read More."

We start with Pedro DeLucca in the ring. Krimson comes to the ring for a match with Jason Gory on a leash. Matthew Justice is his opponent. After some early jockeying, Justice knocks Krimson to the outside with a running high knee. Justice with a pescado onto Gory & Krimson. Justice then whipped Gory into the guard rail by way of the leash. Justice suplexes Krimson on the mat then rolls Krimson back into the ring. Krimson kicked the ropes as Justice went for a spring board. Krimson gave Justice an STO (Poorly). Krimson chopped Justice several ways. A small package by Justice got a two count. Krimson caught a kick then kicked Justice’s leg. A forearm to the face got Krimson a two count. Justice gave Krimson a spring board back elbow. Krimson unloaded on Justice who hulked up. Justice ended the offense with a second rope back elbow. Krimson clotheslined Justice in the back of the head while he was on his knees. After a big boot by Justice, Gory yanked the referee out of the ring. Justice attacked Gory which allowed Krimson to hit the Witch’s Wheel (Roll of the Dice) for the victory. Krimson & Gory assaulted Justice. They left the ring after strangling him with the leash/noose.

Analysis: Justice has really stepped up the quality of his in ring work. He used more mat based work while getting in some high flying spots too. Krimson held up his end of the bargain for the most part. Score: +1.

They preview the main event of Jason Bane versus “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine for the PWO title. Up next, was Michael “The Bomber” Facade taking on Bobby Beverly for the PWO TV Title.

Brian Bender was talking to someone off camera. He said that he was going to reinvent himself. Bender had “The  Big 3”. They were “Eating right, training right and living right.” Bender is going to prove that it works because he’s going to give it to someone who needs it, Brian Castle.  Bender can’t get Castle to stop waving at the camera. Bender tells Castle to let the PWO audience get to know him. Castle introduced himself then said he was there to win, maybe. Bender said he was going to have a lot of work to do.

Analysis: Castle could really help to use someone help out with his diet & training. I mean, this could be a real life experiment a la “The Biggest Loser” because Bender is one of the most in shape guys on the roster. They also can transition Castle away from the goofy ass character he is right now. That gimmick has a short shelf life. It’ll be interesting if they go that route. I hope so. Score: +1.

Beverly comes to the ring with Bobby Shields and Nicki Valentino. Facade came to the ring by himself (Dummy). De Lucca did the formal introductions for the TV Title match. Dombrowski said that Facade was confident in his ability because he didn’t have Aeroform with him. Maguire said that it’s because Facade likes to have the spotlight to himself. They exchanged some basic moves early. Beverly kept Facade on the mat with a head lock take over.  Facade reversed into a head scissors. Facade bridges into a wrist lock. A huracanrana tossed Beverly to the outside. Facade gave Beverly a somersault senton from the ring apron. Facade had to kick of Shields & Valentino. Shields tripped Facade but didn’t DQ Beverly or send them to the back. After they assaulted Facade at ring side, Shields & Valentino got tossed. Beverly clotheslined Faced then drop kicked him in the back of the head. Nice double under hook suplex by Beverly. Facade was in the corner and got drop kicked. A reverse chin lock slowed things down. Facade spin kicked his way out of danger. Facade hulked up. As usual, he had a hard time taking off his gui. Facade drop kicked Beverly after rope walking. An Arabian Moonsault got Facade a two count. Beverly gave Facade a back breaker then a thrust kick but only got two. Facade blocked a second thrust kick. Facade hit the Irashikagai (spelling is more than likely wrong) Drive. Beverly came from the back and distracted the referee (Why does this work in all wrestling programs? Do your job and count. Can you imagine a referee in any major sport being so distracted by the fans they stopped doing their jobs? They wouldn’t be employed for long.) Aeroform took Shield to the back. Valentino distracted Facade which allowed Beverly to crotch him. A second thrust kick while Facade was on his knees got Beverly the three count.

Analysis: Good match but the distractions early in the match needed to be more subtle or the referee needs to not be looking directly at them. Well wrestled match. Beverly is getting better in the ring too. Facade needs to loosen the gui. His offense seemed tighter than last year too. Still has room for improvement though. Aeroform are a bunch of dummies for forgetting Valentino. Score: +1.

We got Dombrowski & Maguire at the announce table. Maguire wouldn’t divulge the plans.  Maguire bragged about himself. Fontaine came to the ring wearing a ridiculous sequin outfit. Maguire left the announce table as Dombrowski wondered why. Analysis: Dombrowski, you just said he always leaves when Fontaine comes down so why are you surprised he just left the announce booth. A commercial came so they’re doubling up on them to run the match straight through. I like it. Score: +1.

Jason Bane came to the ring. Dombrowski recounted all of the guys he defeated because of Maguire. After the introductions, Maguire went back to the announce booth. Fontaine stalled after the ring bell. Bane handcuffed Fontaine with his own jacket and punched him out of the ring. Maguire took off Fontaine’s jacket. Fontaine did more stalling. Maguire & Fontaine went to the back. Bane emerged from the back with Fontaine. Bane tossed Fontaine around the ring. Maguire left the booth again. Bane was ready for the “Baneline” when Maguire tripped him up and the referee was looking right at it again. (Tom Dunne, you need to stop doing that. I say it was a blown ref spot earlier now that he’s done it twice.) Fontaine took over for a bit. Bane gave Fontaine a big boot. Bane slammed Fontaine’s head intoa  pair of turn buckles. Fontaine kicked Bane in the back of the head. (Damn commercial break. So that other segment helped a little bit but not enough. Probably a longer start to the match.)

Fontaine had a front chancery. A Spine buster by Bane turned it around. Fontaine caught Bane with a boot charging into a corner. Fontaine leapt from the ropes but was caught by Bane then knocked the referee out giving Fontaine the F5. Bane gave Maguire a pile driver (Ballsy) Fontaine kicked Bane in the gut. Fontaine frog splashed Bane. The referee was still shaking off the kick. Fontaine thrust kicked Bane. He then went to the ropes but was caught with a Baneline. Dombrowski went shriek voice for the PWO Title change.

Fontaine screamed at the crowd who was chanting “Goodbye” to him. Fontaine started jawing at Justin LaBar. Fontaine slapped LaBar. Security mobbed Fontaine as they went off the air.

Analysis: Good match considering the size problems that these two have. They needed the smoke and mirrors. I neglected to mention it during the other title match. Dombrowski & Maguire did a great job bickering and calling the matches for these last two. Dombrowski going through puberty during the celebration marred the effort a little bit. Score: +1.

Final Score: 5/5. Final Analysis: Another perfect score. Two weeks ago was the first perfect score.  I had some reservations but I’m not about to start handing out half and quarter points. They’ve established a nice base for Wrestlelution 4.  Despite knowing the big spoiler, you could see Fontaine and Justin LaBar having some type of match. Dombrowski & Maguire played up the attack on Johnny Gargano by the masked man. Michael Facade could be taking on Bobby Beverly by himself or they could have a six man match with Aeroform & Sex Appeal involved. Brian Bender & Castle could be set up for a nice undercard match.  Krimson and Justice would have had a blow off match.  They have enough time to call an audible for that feud. Everyone seems to be upping their games just in time for more viewing eye balls and the big event of the year Wrestlelution and you can’t ask for anything more. -Kevin

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