PWO – Season 4 – Episode 11

You've got to love the intestine liner.

Pro Wrestling Ohio decided to start with a replay of “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine slapping Justin LaBar after dropping the PWO Title to Jason Bane. Joe Dombrowski congratulated Bane but he quickly went to ripping on on Fontaine and apologizing to LaBar. Dombrowski said that Fontaine’s apology is coming next week. He said that no one should strike a fan and the fans shouldn’t strike the wrestlers.

Analysis: Solid way to cover your ass if you’re worried that a fan will do something dumb to a wrestler. Dombrowski goes over board with the indignation but that is the way of wrestling. Score: 0.

Dombrowski (after being backstage) is at ring side and introduces Vic Travagliante as his color man because Aaron Maguire is incapacitated. Sex Appeal vs. Aeroform is the main event to be the number one contender for the PWO Tag Team Titles. Benjamin Boone takes on Ben Fruith (Couldn’t be less excited) and Shima Xion takes on Matthew Justice to be in line for a TV Title match.

Xion versus Justice is immediately up. They both look to be in great shape. They talked about Krimson and his plans for the PWO Title. (I think he’s the only guy that matches up physcially with Bane so it’s a good choice.) They started with some basic moves and reversals. There were a couple of of botched moves. It led to Xion finally taking over the match.Xion suplexed Justice and only got two. He attacked frustrated then posed while hair spraying himself. Xion rolled through a sunset flip and kicked Justice in the chest. Xion gave Justiece a bear hug from behind.  Justice elbowed his way out then power slammed Xion but couldn’t capitalize. Justice did his best Cena impersonation. Xion locked in a cross face. Justice rolled out and gave Xion a Death Valley Driver. Xion kicked out at two. Xion turned a springboard into another cross face which forced the tap out. They hyped the main event again. (Enough already).

Analysis: Well, I mentioned Justice signing a WWE Developmental deal so I figure this win by Xion is a way to get someone over who’s sticking around. Xion has been good when he has been around which has been infrequently in the past. Let’s hope he sticks around because he can add something good to the roster. Good match outside of the pair of botched moves. Score: +1.

The Homeless Handicapped Connection (Gregory Iron & Hobo Joe) were telling Ben Fruith that they are his friends. Iron tells him he needs to be more aggressive. Hobo Joe told him to talk trash. Joe cuts a promo about how he’s going to slice open Benny Boone and put N8 Mattson inside of Boone. Iron told Fruith that he talked to the producers and Fruith is allowed to drop any words he wants to. Fruith then said he strongly disagrees with Mattson & Boone’s beliefs. Iron & Joe are disappointed but they tell him it’s a good start.

Analysis: The Joe promo was hysterical. I just imagined Boone being used like a Tauntaun in Star Wars. It was very Insane Clown Posse over the top violence that made it funny. I know they’re intentionally making Fruith whimpy but it was still tough to swallow his part. Score: +1.

Benjamin Boone came to the ring with N8 Mattson. The Sons of Michigan were sporting a new look, clam diggers and a hat that I can’t seem to find an image of to figure out a name. It’s all in black. Fruith has the Homeless Handicapped Connection. Mattson shows off his Wrestle-Rama Championship Trophy. Mattson tells Fruith his services aren’t needed any more. Fruith went for the roll up but Boone wouldn’t go down. Boone gave Fruith a belly to belly suplex. A rear bear hug was clamped on by Boone.  Fruith bit his way out then gave Boone a pair of drop kicks. Boone missed a corner splash got rolled up but kicked out easily. Boone gave Fruith a  choke slam then splashed him. Boone got the three count. They hyped N8 Mattson taking on Jason Bane for the PWO Title then the main event of Aerofrom versus Sex Appeal.

Analysis: Boone was pretty sloppy with his belly to belly and choke slam. Maybe he over estimated Fruith’s weight which would be hard to fathom. Fruith took the beating he should have though. Score: 0.

Krimson had a picture of Raven and told it he’s become a hard core relic. Krimson is going to pick up where Raven left off. Krimson said that you can only get an upper hand in this business by taking what you want by force. Krimson tossed it to Jason Gory. Gory said he’s found his true home with Krimson. Krimson made an allusion to taking out Raven when the cameras weren’t on after their match a couple of weeks ago. Krimson said he has a new goal, the PWO Title.

Analysis: Solid promo. From what I know, Raven will not be coming back so they did a good job of covering his abandoned story line. I’ll again note that Krimson is one of the few guys in PWO who can match up physically with Bane. He’s also the better hype man between the two so it should make for a good feud. Score: +1.

Krimson with Jason Gory took on Daniel Arkhum. (Get ready for another squash match.) Krimson gave Arkhum a low clothesline while he was seated. Krimson tossed Arkhum outside distracted the referee and let Gory attack him. Krimson gave Arkhum the Witch’s Wheel for the victory. Wow, they had to hype the main events again.

Analysis: Just what it needed to be. Arkhum is the PWO jobber of the year. I think they’ve gone a little bit over board on the hyping. Maybe I just glaze over it during a WWE event. It might have something to do with the fact that it’s only an hour program instead of two. Score: +1.

N8 Mattson said that he has created “Amazing” things since he came back to  PWO. Mattson showed off the trophy again. Mattson said that they were missing something. Mattson acted like he didn’t remember Bane’s name. Mattson reminded Bane that he pinned his shoulder’s during their semifinal match in the Auto-Rama tournament. Mattson said he deserved a PWO Title shot and that he’d bring the gold back to Michigan. Boone talked about Ben Fruith. He reminded him that Fruith helped bring the titles back to Michigan.

Analysis: Well, half of that was review of Mattson’s earlier promo. so that part sucked. I’m not a fan of acting like you don’t know who the champ is even if it’s obvious you’re joking. Maybe if they had more history, it’d work better. Good job of explaining the history with Jason Bane. I understand that you want to hype next week’s main event but you need to have the guy cover the material differently or just different material. Score: -1.

Sex Appeal, Bobby Shields & Nicki Valentino, take on Aeroform, Louis Linden & Flip Kendrick. Dombrowski noted that Aeroform is upset with the Sons of Michigan because they downgrade their home state since they train in East Lansing. (Do I smell a Tag Title match for Wrestlelution 4? I think I do. Sex Appeal are heels. Aeroform faces. Sons of Michigan, heels. Just sayin’.) Linden starts against Valentino. They exchanged arm bars, head locks and basic moves. After some strong arm drags, Kendrick tagged in. Valentino slipped away and tagged in Shields. Kendrick locked in a submission move that I can’t quite describe. Kendrick gave a black flip senton to Shields. Linden came back in. Valentino low bridged Linden. Shields took over then tagged in Valentino. Valentino floated over after a Russian Leg Sweep but barely got one. Linden got a brief bit of offense but Sex Appeal continued to dominate. Lurned things around with an enziguri. Kendrick and Valentino tagged in. Kendrick flap jacked Valentino but had the pin broken up by Shields. Shields gave Kendrick a Gory Special. Valentino made the pin but only got two. Linden made a sneaky tag but only got two on Shields before the pin was broken up. Valentino air balled on a sling shot to the outside. Stereo spring board Asai Moonsaults by Aeroform on Sex Appeal. It turned into a four way brawl. Tom Dunne, the referee, disqualified both teams.

Analysis: Aeroform cut down on their high flying antics and it worked well. Their match wasn’t nearly as sloppy. I do think both teams need to pick up the intensity in the ring though. Good match and a solid way to milk this story line out. They have had problems in the past. Dombrowski saying they were out of time then sending it to Bane’s promo was hysterical. You could have just bumped his promo to follow the action. Score: +1.

Jason Bane said his three and a half years of hell was worth it because he’s the new PWO Champion. He said he will be the most dominant man in PWO. He said he’s issuing an open challenge for anyone to get in line. Which is when the DVR cut him off.

Analysis: You know, it isn’t the screaming that bothers me, it’s almost like he’s covering up his own voice with one more gravely. Solid short promo. Score: +1.

Final Score: 5/9. Final Analysis: Vic Travagliante debuted as color man on this show and and brought up a couple of issues.  First, it gave the announce booth a face and face combination which is almost always bad.  It was definitely bad because he parroted all of Dombrowski’s points.  The bigger problem, which is not surprising, is that Vic needs to find his “voice”. You could tell it was his first time doing it.  I’ll give him more time before I bring down the hammer.

Other points: We get it, we know what the main event for this week and next week will be.  This DVR cut off isn’t the first one. I know they’re trying to cram in as much as possible but you could have cut down on Mattson’s promo since much of it was rerun (including Boone’s small part) to help format the show better.  The champion should never be cut off.

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