Dave Batista shows interest in WWE run (but if he runs, he’ll be out of breath, see…)

If Dave Batista really thinks he's gonna get some sort of retirement send-off, this is all he deserves.

According to something called Business Insider (who got its news from a Wrestling Observer podcast, tsk tsk), Dave Batista is interested in returning to WWE for one more run and possibly even a retirement match. I assume this is because he thinks he’s worth it, when in reality he shouldn’t even make a Top 50 WWE Superstars Named Batista list.

The article says this is just one bullet point in a “fantastic” interview, so if you’re a mooch and haven’t started coughing up the money to subscribe to the Observer/Figure Four Weekly, you should consider it. But don’t let Batista’s interview be your decision maker; how interesting could it possibly be to hear a white-trash 42-year-old failed MMA guy talk about getting Melina’s sloppy firsts, leaving his cancer-ridden wife, and only making himself useful to WWE on his way out the door. Seriously, you waited until the end of an 8-year, asthmatic, falling-on-your-ass-while-delivering-your-finisher WWE career to finally show some personality? Thanks for nothing, Buttista, can’t wait to see you come back. -Eric

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  1. Martha July 28, 2011 at 9:27 pm #

    I for one love dave. He looks like my older bro . He was killed in oct. Give dave achance to come back. To kick some ass.

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