PWO – Season 4 – Episode 16

The beginning was a surprise.

Vic Travagliante introduced the show with no one at ring side with him. He said he was bringing positive energy to the announce booth. (I said to give him more time with Dombrowski or Maguire, not fly solo.) Vic then introduced the matches. (Not a chance in hell I keep typing his last name.)  Dombrowski was in the ring. (Ah, Vic will have a partner.) Dombrowski introduced Johnny Gargano. Dombrowski said he was glad he was back then asked how he felt. Gargano said he’s feeling as good as he ever has. Gargano said he has rehabbed the last two months and everything has grown, his mind and body. Dombrowski asked for his thoughts on losing the PWO Title. Gargano wanted to send a message to the masked man who assaulted him. Gargano told him in three weeks, the masked man should meet him in the ring. Gargano issued an open challenge for next week for anyone to test his rehabbed body.

Analysis: The wait for Gargano to come out was a little long and they didn’t quite get the reaction they wanted. The crowd is at a car show which I’m sure is good for business, but the people aren’t there specifically for the wrestling. Gargano delivered one of his more focused interviews, no John Cena like goofing around. There’s still something about the cadence of the delivery that still throws me though. I’m going to critique him more harshly than most because he’s got that much potential. Score +1.

Benjamin Boone and N8 Mattson popped on screen. Mattson said it was improbable for Gregory Iron to win the WrestleRama Rumble. He quickly remembered that the Sons of Michigan beat them for the PWO Tag Team Titles. Mattson said he’s going to make sure every body part on Iron was crippled. Boone said there was a larger matter at hand, he eliminated Jason Bane and he is dominant as Bane in wins and losses. He challenges Bane for the PWO Title. Boone said he’s going to be only the second double champion.  The Sons said they were leaving for Michigan because none of the tag team deserved a shot.

Analysis: Mattson has better delivery than Boone but I think most of it is due to experience. Boone needs to find himself in the promo department. He’s needs to go brawny guy or smart guy. He mixed them which I think made it off some. They did a great job of pointing out obvious facts hat would make one think they both have a chance at winning in singles action. Score: +1.

Shiima Xion said he should be getting a shot at gold because he beat Jason Gory and Matthew Justice. He said he was done with Facade because he has bigger fish to fry like the PWO TV Champion Bobby Beverly. Xion said Beverly is trying to be him. Xion went on to state that Beverly’s not as good looking as him and is sexier than him. Xion ended by saying that if you thought he looked good now,he’d look better with Beverly’s gold around his waste.

Analysis: I’m really digging this kid. He hasn’t been around frequently enough to get a gauge on him. He’s either lost some weight or just gotten more cut. He also just nailed that promo. I really loved the fire he ended with. Score: +1.

Brian Bender took on Hobo Joe. Bender complained about Joe’s odor. Even the announcers had to fake being disgusted. Joe kept chasing Bender around with his arm pit. Even Dombrowski groaned. Bender was dominating the action when it happened. Joe got caught with a knee charging into the corner for a Pit Stop. Bender went to the ropes and got caught.  Joe clothes lined Bender three time. Joe locked in the Pit Stop. Bender hits the Cutter for a quick victory.

Analysis: Even though Joe & Bender shook before the match, I think it would have helped his character, whose is teaching numb skull Brian Castle how to wrestle, to shake Joe’s hand at the end to show that he can fight friends and still win matches. The match was fine enough except for the arm pit over use. Score: 0.

Krimson listed who he had laid up. Krimson said that the only thing that seems to matter to people is winning. Krimson quoted Nietzche and said Bane doesn’t have it in him to become a monster so that he could not beat Krimson. He said “Krimson, like the mask.”

Analysis: I almost thought this was a repeat of last week’s promo. It was way too similar. I like the evil Krimson showing brains and using Nietzche quotes. Score: 0.

Nicki Valentino talked about how no one in the locker room knows how to wrestle any more. He pulls out a list and babbles nonsense about fake moves. Valentino then rattled off a bunch of old schools moves. He said he’ll beat anyone if they agree to his terms.

Analysis: I get the promo fits the gimmick but, woof. He needs more conviction for sure. A little less of the ridiculousness of the new move names would help.  Arashikage Driver, used by Michael Facade, sounds ridiculous enough on it’s own. Score: -1.

Bobby Shields came to the ring and took on Louis Lyndon. Shields mocked Lyndon’s Kung Fu offense. Dombrowski said all partners were banned from ring side. Lyndon head scissored Shields to the outside. Shields rammed Lyndon into the ring apron. Shields continued to work on the back. Lyndon got caught charging in after a short offensive burst. Dombrowski said that Benjamin Boone accepted the open challenge of Johnny Gargano next week. (Boone gets to lose 2 weeks in a row or gets a cheap win with help from the masked man.) Shields drop kicked Lyndon into the turn buckles. Shields clamped on a CM Punk like leg vice. Lyndon flipped out of a move (too early to tell what he was going for exactly) then gave Shields a high running knee. Lyndon gave a flying fore arm. Lyndon got a two count from a moonsault. Shields knocked Lyndon off the top rope. Gory special for the win.

Analysis: Shields continues to get better in the ring.  I had little birdie tell me he is going to Taz’s Dojo. I think it’s showing. Lyndon didn’t get much offense in but it won’t be viewed as a squash. Shields takes on Flip Kendrick, Lyndon’s partner in Aeroform, next week was announced after the match. Score: +1.

Bobby Beverly was backstage with his PWO TV title. He was told that his top three contenders were Michael Facade, Jason Gory & Shiima Xion. He said Facade was nothing but a side show attraction. Beverly told Gory he was just a freak. Beverly asked what Xion had other than the hair spray. He said he was TV Champ and former tag team champ and asked who had Xion beaten? Beverly “Always finishes on top.”

Analysis: Another guy that seems to be making the leap this year. He’s right that none of the other guys are on his level. They’ve all gotten funky pushes. I have no idea why, whether it be injury or unavailability or something else. But they aren’t in his league until someone comes out on top of that threesome. Great promo, I’m bitching about the picture. Score: +1.

Ben Fruith, Hobo Joe and Gregory Iron came on. Iron talked about going for the WrestleRama Trophy. He said he was going for it because of himself, his team and especially Fruith. Iron told him he has trained hard. Iron introduced Greg “The Hammer” Valentine was his new coach. He told him he needs to love the sport and needs to want it more than any one else. Valentine said it’s all about heart. Iron pumped up Fruith more. He said Fruith will over come the Sons.

Analysis: Iron cuts a pretty solid promo. Joe & Fruith were near silent. Valentine stumbled through parts of his interview but got his point across. Score: 0.

They showed a replay of Jason Bane beating N8 Mattson. Dombrowski blows the effort of Hobo Joe & Gregory Iron on transforming Fruith. Bane and Boone started with a stare down. Pedro De Lucca did the formal introductions. Mattson was at ringside. Power struggle to start. Bane gave Boone a drop toe hold and cross faced him. Mattson distracted Bane which allowed Boone to take over. Bane gave Boone a fall away slam. Bane suplexed Boone. After Bane missed a charge, Boone gave Bane a neck breaker. Boone worked over Bane with “cheap” moves. Boone locked in a camel clutch. Bane wiggled out but Boone leg dropped him. Belly to Back suplex by Boone on Bane. (Close call on that one going wrong.) Bane spine bustered Boone for two. Mattson gave Boone the belt to distract the referee so that Mattson could slip Boone something else. Boone hit Bane in the throat. The ref only counted two. Bane back elbowed out of another German Suplex and gave Boone a short run Baneline. Bane then screamed at the camera and held Boone’s beaten face in it.

Analysis: Wow, that was an emphatic win after a very back and forth match. It was well executed and does help show that Bane can deal with a power house like Krimson who has run thru everyone too. Score: +1.

Final Score: 5/10. Final Analysis: I think the company as a whole has taken a leap this year.  It’s still an independent promotion so the quality drags at times.  They have survived Johnny Gargano missing some time to make himself a bigger star in Evolve and other organizations. Michael Facade was a big part of things last year but he has been abscent more often than not.  Matthew Justice is a loss too but he was hit or miss with his appearances after him & Morty Rackem won the PWO Tag Team Titles at the first Wrestlelution, if memory serves.

PWO has done it because Bobby Beverly & Bobby Shields have stepped up the most. Shields still has some work to do on the mic but the in ring work is much better. I’m not sure I can blow Beverly’s leap any more. Valentino is doing a fine enough job with his character even if I don’t like it. So Sex Appeal have all stepped up. Krimson & Shiima Xion, both of whom haven’t been around much in previous years, have also moved into bigger spot lights. Even Gregory Iron is doing better. Part of that reason may be from him not having to rely on talking about his cerebral palsy. He’s been the most vocal in the skits with Ben Fruith. -Kevin

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    zourah 2011-06-19 at 11:10 pm #

    Interesting to see them go to a Boone/Bane PWO Title match with just a short build up. I think Boone is one of the guys with the most potential in the company.

    I guess they are building to Crimson/Bane at Wresltlelution but I would think Gargano/Bane would be more of a money match. Maybe that’s for next year?

    Why some guy from some other website is getting the PWO TV time instead of Stunt Granny is beyond me! Sorry I have never heard of that site.

    I just watched the 6/12 show and I won’t give too much away but this Ben Fruth just doesn’t show much emotion to get the crowd behind him. Even this goofy Castle guy seems to have more personality than he does.

    • stuntgranny
      stuntgranny 2011-06-20 at 10:55 am #

      Boone is stuck in a weird spot. They don’t have anyone below him that would look like a quality win but he’s not quite ready to carry the PWO Title. Boone & Bane have fought before too so it wasn’t much of a give away.

      With Gargano doing more outside work, I think PWO is getting worried about putting him too high on the card. Having 2 baby faces go against each other will be a problem. It could be a good match though.

      I’ve complained to my sources but I don’t have the pull that LaBar does for bringing in talent. I was surprised at how big Wrestlezone was. Our work is still better.

      Fruith does nothing for me. They’re trying to build up sympathy for him but I’m not getting it. Castle does have more personality. By the time I read this comment, I had watched the 6/12 show so no big deal. -K

  2. Avatar
    zourah 2011-06-21 at 12:25 am #

    I may go to Wrestlelution this year depending on the card and what I am up to at that time. I do enjoy the TV for the most part.

    • stuntgranny
      stuntgranny 2011-06-21 at 10:21 am #

      Just let me know. I’m going for sure. Nash is hosting a party on Saturday night that I’ll probably hit too. I got friends & family up there who I’ll be staying with. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind an extra depending on what your travel plans are. I’ll be driving back to Columbus on Sun. -K

  3. Avatar
    zourah 2011-06-21 at 7:20 pm #

    Hadn’t heard about Nash (still need to watch this week’s TV) but for $79 and you get a good seat to the event that sounds like a pretty solid deal. I will decide for sure in the next couple of weeks and let you know. I appreciate the offer but I’m fine with getting a hotel.

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