PWO – Season 4 – Episode 19

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The top of the show is the ending segment from last week. They cut some of the segment out. They then replayed the Kevin Nash announcement by Justin LaBar from two weeks ago. “Omega” Aaron Draven gets the first live segment of the week five minutes into the broad cast. Draven said that he has had highs and lows. He had just hit a low from injuries, his personal life and losing the PWO TV Title. Draven said he’s the antithesis of “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine who only knows how to whine, complain and politick. Draven said he hopes to make Fontaine respect the main event position Fontaine has when he takes it from him.

Analysis: He looked into the camera more than the last time I saw him but he still had no conviction or flow. He seems uncomfortable in front of the camera. He needs to loosen up. Not a fan of the double replay to start the show. Spread them out later in the show. Score: -1.

Joe Dombrowski & Aaron Maguire introduced the show and rattled off the matches. Benjamin Boone came to the ring first with N8 Mattson. Gregory Iron came to the ring with someone who owns the building. (They explained the back story but I couldn’t care less.) Iron catches Boone charging in with a boot. Iron bull dogged him then punched away at him. Boone slipped to the outside. Iron suicide dove on Boone. Iron chopped Boone back into the ring. A senton got Iron two. A running knee to the gut turned the tide toward Boone. He stomped on Iron’s chest. Iron tried to Irish Whip Boone but got short clothes lined. Mattson strangles Iron on the middle rope while the referee is distracted. Belly to Belly over head throw got Boone a two count.  Iron gave Boone a Code Breaker like move. Iron then got the Destabiler (aka Stunner). Sharpe argued with Mattson which slowed Iron getting to the top rope. Boone rammed Iron into the corner. Iron victory rolled Boone for the two count. Boone claimed that Iron grabbed his shorts.

Analysis: Good match. I liked that Iron was on the ropes but pulled out a victory. It didn’t make Boone look too bad. I cracked up with Boone claiming the shorts had been pulled. Score: +1.

Krimson said that everyone wants the story book ending. He talks about the hero prevailing. He said that Bane’s story book ending was winning the PWO Title. Krimson said Bane thought he had his hands full against Raven. Krimson said at this year’s Wrestlelution there will be no rules to break. Krimson claimed he didn’t forget about Johnny Gargano and that next week he will prove to him that monsters do exist. Krimson said the villain will prevail. He ended with “Krimson, like the mask.”

Analysis: He had me all in on that promo then he has to use the tag line. I get it especially since he’s such a violent fellow but I still think it’s too obvious. Just do the promo, you’re great at them. And why am I obsessed with the fact that he said story book ending instead of fairy tale? Score: +1.

Joe Dombrowski reminded us that Tito Santana will be taking on “Late Night” Nicki Valentino at Wrestlelution 4 as Greg “The Hammer” Valentine vacantly stares sort of at the camera. Valentine said that even though Santana was his nemesis, he always respected him. Valentine piece meals Valentino’s name. Dombrowski was going to ask him another question when Valentine said that Tito will take him to school. “The Hammer” said that he signed to be at Wrestlelution 4. Analysis: Do I need to say any more about Valentine? He’s a legend but a bit punch drunk. Score: 0.

Bobby “The Body” Shields came to the ring to take on Corey Winters who brought Ben Fruith to the ring because they’re neighbors. (That’s one of the stranger reason I’ve heard for a friendship in wrestling.) Shields attacked Winters as he slid into the ring. (The director thought it was better to show Fruith’s reaction instead of the attack. Terrible.) Shields pounded away on Winters in the corner. Winters double legged Shields. He caught Shields with a pair of running back elbows.  Winters suplexed him and got a two count. Shields suckered Winters in and pulled his tights so that he ate the middle turn buckle. Shields dropped a fist after showing off. Shields dropped a pair of knees. A Stunner by Winters. He drop kicked then enziguried Shields. Bobby took over with shoulder blocks in the corner. Shields with a Falcon Arrow. Shields gave Winters a Gory Special for the victory. Brodie Lee came to the ring. Shields fled. Winters got the big boot in the corner. Fruith tried to make the save. Black Hole Slam lays Fruith out. Fontaine told LaBar, Draven & Nash that they could back out if they wanted to. Fontaine said that they’re going to pick off everyone on the roster. Gregory Iron came to the stage. He asked Fontaine & Lee if they thought they were cute. Iron challenged Lee to a match any time. They accepted.

Analysis: Another good match. Good segment afterwards too. Iron can lose that match and not look bad especially because of the size differential. Lee gets to defeat someone who has been around and had the tag belts. A win win situation in my book. Score: +1.

Johnny Gargano who stated his opponents then said how good they all were. Gargano said that he has a request for Krimson. He said he’s going to wipe that assassin’s smile right off his face when he punches him in it. He finished with “Johnny, like the Gargano.” Analysis: Good promo. He jambed in his match, talked up his opponents and responded to Krimson. I got a good laugh out of the reuse of Krimson’s line. Score: +1.

Jason Bane told Krimson that he wants the PWO Title for the wrong reasons. He just wants to hold people down and not get a title shot. Bane said Krimson is going to need to earn the title. Bane accepted the No DQ match. Analysis: Where is management? Do they get any say in what matches are booked or what style of match? It’s the only no DQ match on the card so it’s fine. I wasn’t clear earlier that Krimson was asking for that type of a match. I thought it was already locked in and Bane wouldn’t need to accept. Bane had one of his better promos. Score: 0.

Vic Travagliante came from PWO Command Center and ran down news about Wrestlelution.

“The Megastar” Marion Fontaine came to the ring to take on “Omega” Aaron Draven. Maguire left the announce booth. Justin LaBar joined Dombrowski. My blood boiling. LaBar said that he has a dream team in Draven & Kevin Nash. Draven gave Fontaine a thrust kick. Head scissor take over, drop kick, running knees in the corner then a suplex by Draven on Fontaine. (Holy rapid fire Batman.) A slam by Draven led to very little. Fontaine took over. Fontaine slammed Draven then dropped an elbow.  Fontaine gave Draven a reverse chin lock. Draven elbowed out but got caught with a knee to the gut. Warrior’s Way stomp from the mat by Draven. Senton onto Fontaine while he was draped on the middle rope. Jaw jack then a super kick by Fontaine dropped Draven. (The director cut away during a pin. Terrible.) Enziguri by Draven but both men were down. A reverse victory roll like move got Draven a two count. DVD by Fontaine on Draven. Lionsault got Fontaine a two. Fontaine went to the top rope and got booted in the face by Draven. Brodie Lee interferred when Draven was going for a Frankensteiner. Fontaine & Lee motioned over at LaBar. The show ended.

Analysis: Good match up to that point. They got Draven’s offense over, made him appear to be on the winning path but didn’t sell Fontaine short. Dombrowski & LaBar didn’t really call the match but got over the match at Wrestleltuion. I would have liked a little more match calling. Score: +1.

Final Score: 4/8. Final Analysis: Maguire was super sarcastic during the broadcast which kept cracking me up. The director had another lapse in judgement that I didn’t note because it was minor but he/she was having a bad day.  Maybe the camera crew needs the blame but someone messed up three times, which hasn’t been common this year. This episode is from last week so I am up to date. Interviews are being scheduled for PWO star to come on Stunt Granny. I can’t wait.

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