Mick Foley Isn’t Hurt By WWE Snub

We like tooting our own horn around here but sometimes we feel discretion is worthwhile. So we aren’t going to brag about being the first to mention Mick Foley being left off the “Greatest Stars of the 21st Century” DVD from WWE. Nor were we going to mention that Stunt Granny tweeted Mick Foley about it. Nor are we going to tell everyone he replied and said he wasn’t hurt.

But when you former boss and one of the biggest wrestling sites, PWTorch.com,  on the internet mentions all of this how can you not? So here is what he said. He is probably being diplomatic about being excluded. Just a theory.

@realMickFoley I’m not surprised I’m not on that greatest stars disc, @Stuntgranny . I only had 9 matches with @WWE in the 21st century. Not hurt at all.

Which was his response from this tweet.

@Stuntgranny It is noticeable that @realMickFoley was absent from the 21st Century stars disc. #Raw #IWantWrestling

Yeah that’s right, we had the exclusive but didn’t act on it. Whatever, we are good like that. This all is a cheap plug for you all to follow us on Twitter. So get on it.

@stuntgranny duh




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