PWO – Season 4 – Episode 21

We all know who's winning the Champion vs Champion match tonight, right? To make sure click the read more button.

Joe Dombrowski hypes the TV champion Bobby Beverly against PWO Champion Jason Bane for the main event. Joe goes thru some smaller matches while Aaron Maguire sells the neck injury. “Late Night” Nicki Valentino takes on Ben Fruith in the opening night. They exchange some elementary moves. Fruith gave Valentino a hip toss and a pair of arm drags. Fruith air balled on a drop kick. A knee drop to the back got a two count. Fruith gets the boot as Valentino comes of the top rope with a double axe handle. Back slide only got Fruith a two count. Near fall for a Fruith Roll Up. Bobby Shields distracted Fruith. Valentino gets a chain and punches Fruith for the victory. Shields comes in and slapped around a prone Fruith.

Analysis: That match was not good. Valentino didn’t come near the boot Fruith put up. Fruith barely got Valentino over for the arm drags and appeared to both another move the Dombrowski helped to cover. Score: -1.

Krimson knocked on the camera and said that he delivered against Johnny Gargano. Krimson told Bane he was the last obstacle in the way of the Dead Wrestling Society’s complete dominance. He said the glass in the mirror breaks when he holds the PWO Title above his head at Wrestlelution. Analysis: Another good promo that left out the help he got against Gargano. Score: +1.

Aeroform is ready for Wrestlelution. Louis Lynden takes the lead says they’re stronger, faster and smarter than before. They respect Gregory Iron & Hobo Joe. They will not under estimate Brian Bender & Brian Castle. Aeroform can’t wait to get their hands on the Sons of Michigan. Flip said that they will survive and they’ll be next PWO Tag Team Champions. Analysis: Good work by them. It did make me think how the other first two teams do seem a bit over looked in this match especially after Dombrowski noted both the teams from Michigan. Score: +1.

“The Megastar” Marion Fontaine came out with “Big Rig” Brodie Lee who was set to make his in ring debut against Gregory Iron. Lee punished Iron quickly and raised his head off the mat after a pin attempt. Big delay suplex by Lee.Iron tried to fire back but got back suplexed. Big boot in the corner followed by a Black ole Slam only got a two after Lee pulled Iron up again. Lee power bombed Iron for the victory. Analysis: Good squash match. Score: +1.

They hyped the three way match up history for Gargano vs. Cross vs. Prohibition who got the video package this week. They stat with the footage from Gargano versus Prohibition at Wrestlution 2. Hey I was there. They wouldn’t give me press passes. Josh Prohibition is on the mic and says that two years ago he rode away into the sun set. He said that he was never family friendly and wasn’t in the favor of PWO management. Gargano got into his position because of Prohibition. He goes on to say that he’s an addict of wrestling. Prohibition goes on to claim that he set Cross’ career too. Prohibition says that he will come out the victor and as the new old star. Analysis: He stumbled a bit at the beginning but he finished really strong. Score: +1.

Bobby Shields acts indignant that Ben Fruith wants to stand up to him. Shields wants to know what he can do about it because he is such a great physical specimen. Shields said he will pop the pimple that is Ben Fruith. Analysis: Solid but not great. He almost seemed to restrained to attack Fruith froma “beauty” stand point. Score: 0.

Vic Travagliante did the Wrestleltuion card hype. Shiima Xion said it was a travesty that he has never competed on PWO’s biggest stage. He said all three men in the TV Title match have been a thorn in his side. Xion finished by saying he’d be the next TV title Champion. Analysis: Not one of his better promos. Score: 0.

Michael “The Bomber” Facade popped on screen and said that this match was for all of the marbles. Facade said he will spin kick, back flip, rope walk and dread lock his way to the title. Analysis: I thought that the ending was creative for such a short promo. Score: +1.

Jason Gory said they will all become victims and all of the titles will be in their hands. Gory & Krimson will have all of the power. Gory claimed that everyone will want to be part of them Analysis: The conviction just isn’t there and he doesn’t look evil enough to me. Score: 0.

Bobby Beverly said that none of them can prove they’re his num,ber one contender so they all get a shot at his title. Beverly said it was management trying to to screw Sex Appeal again. Beverly said he’ll do what he does best, “Finish on top.” Analysis: Good stuff. Short doesn’t mean bad. Good conviction from him. Score: +1.

The introductions start for Beverly versus Bane. Beverly buys time to start the match. Bane over powers him in collar & elbow tie ups. Bane attacks him in a corner.  Beverly walks around the outside. Bane allows Beverly to try and kick down his leg. Beverly runs into a back elbow. Belly to belly over head thrown by bane only gets a two count. Beverly gets out of the way of a corner charge. A missile drop kick doesn’t take down Bane. Beverly gave Bane a low drop kick after he missed a clothes line. Beverly fired away at Bane. He gets up while Beverly lays to the crowd. Bane spine bustered Beverly. Bane charges in only to get caught by a boot. Beverly drop kicks him into another corner then leg lariats him. A super kick only dazes Bane. A couple of moves get countered then Bane Baneline’s Beverly for the win. Jason Gory attacks Bane after the match. Bane T Bone Suplexes Gory. Kirst attacks Bane who power bombs Kirst into Gory. Krimson and Bane stare down. Krimson gets spine bustered. Bane goes for the Baneline but gets mist in his eyes. They all attack him. Bane is held up by Kirst & Gory so that Krimson can clothesline him face first into a chair. Krimson gave him another one after a pause. Analysis: Good match, good mugging at the end to finally have them physically involved but not giving too much away. Score: +1.

Final Score: 6/11. Final Analysis: The hype for Wrestlelution 4 is in full swing. Ben Fruith will not be hurt by his loss since his opponent distracted him. Gregory Iron won’t be hurt because of the size differential to Brodie Lee and the fact that Iron will be involved in a four way tag team match. Bobby Beverly can’t be hurt by putting in a good showing against PWO’s “Most Dominant Man” and PWO Champion Jason Bane. Promos galore to hype the show for the most part.

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