PWO – Season 4 – Episode 22

The last stand for PWO before Wrestlelution 4: Overdrive.

Bobby Beverly came out for a match to start the show. (No introductions from Joe Dombrowski & Aaron Maguire which seems a little weird now.) He is teaming with Jason Gory against Michael “The Bomber” Facade & Shiima Xion. Dombrowski & Maguire play up the tension between both teams. Facade started out against Beverly. They exchanged some basic moves. Beverly tagged in Gory after an arm drag into a corner. Gory bit Facade. Beverly took a seat on the outside. Xion blind tagged in. Gory got beat on. Facade blind tagged back in and got a two count from a top rope cross body. Xion came back in and tried to top Facade’s offense. Xion slapped Facade for another tag. Gory choked Facade then put him in camel clutch without the arms draped. Beverly tagged in. Beverly chicken wing suplexed Facade. Jaw breaker on Beverly gave Facade an opening but Xion was sitting on the ring apron. An Atomic Drop then a leg lariat by Facade on Beverly got Xion to step up. Beverly rolled out of the way of a super kick by Xion which connected on Facade. Xion got caught with a middle rope moonsault. Gory came in illegally and hit his finisher, Trepidation. Beverly tossed Gory out of the ring and got the pin.

Analysis: Good match. Lots of action that show cased everyone and gave a good push to the champion who just lost the previous week. Score: +1.

They threw it to a package of Johnny Gargano against “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross from Wrestlelution last year. Gargano said there are two types of people in this business, friends and the ones who want to hold you down. Gargano gave a short recap of his career in wrestling and how it connected to Josh Prohibition and Cross. Gargano said he was tired of standing in Prohibition’s shadow. Gargano said that he respected Cross but he needs to stop making excuses. Gargano mentioned how Prohibition is still the same person. Gargano said he has changed in the last two years unlike Prohibition. Gargano said he’s better in the ring than anybody else, especially on at Wrestlelution. Gargano said he’s going to destroy his past to pave the way for his future. Analysis: He continues to get better on the mic. Score: +1.

Nicki Valentino is dressed in a cowboy hat and leather vest. He said Wrestlelution will stack up against great historical nights. He said Tito Santana will pass the torch to him that night. Valentino said he’s going to dominate him. He finished and said he’s got to go thru him to his home and ring. Analysis: He’s adorably funny as Jeremy said to me earlier today. Score: +1.

N8 Mattson came to the ring with Benjamin Boone. Brian Castle was his opponent. Dombrowski said that Corey Winters versus Kirst and Portia Perez are all added to the Wrestlelution card. (She has a fantastic heiney.) Mattson starts out strong. Mattson went for a sunset flip, Castle missed the Banzai Drop “reversal”. Castle missed a charge in the corner. Mattson rolled up Castle and put his feet on the ropes for the victory. Analysis: Wow, that was short. Not much to it. Can’t go positive even though nothing was wrong. Score: 0.

Krimson said the prodigal son has returned. He said we’re going to get hit harder than earth by a meteor in 2012. Krimson asked where we’d be when the bomb drops. Analysis: Not a good way to end the hype for his match with Bane. too abstract and real deathy. Good delivery. Score: 0.

After the Wrestlelution Center by Vic Travagliante (Oh by the way Veda Scott is Portia’s opponent) Marion Fontaine pops on the screen. He tells us the fans that we have side with Justin Labar (Hell no I haven’t!) and that we don’t like him (We’ll have you back for another interview any time.) and he’s fine with that. He hates how Labar struts around with a puffed out chest because he’s got hired guns and hides behind them. Fontaine said that Draven has a lack of commitment that PWO management covers for. He told Draven he’ll beat him silly. He warned Nash that “Big Rig” Brodie Lee will take care of him. Fontaine said he has no problem sitting shot-gun along with Lee. Analysis: I’m having a hard time doing this analysis. I’m looking at Labar’s suit. His shirt and tie combo are terrible. His taste is awful. Good promo for Fontaine. He hit all the points he should have and put over Brodie Lee which makes sense with Kevin Nash in the equation. Score: +1.

Justin Labar is being asked why Aaron Draven & Kevin Nash are his team. He said it’s youth & experience. Size & speed. Labar said that Draven is under used. He admitted that Fontaine & Lee are dangerous. Labar finished by saying Fontaine & Lee would get a reality check at Wrestlelution. Analysis: Really? Really? Reaaaaally? Worst of his promos. He gets left to fend for himself with no help from his buddy Nash or the under utilized Draven, who by his own admission had to take time off to deal with “something”. I don’t care what it was and won’t speculate but it was on TV so he can’t be under used if he took the time off of his own accord. And just so I’m clear the Miz reference at the top is in response to him using the phrase at the end. Could have come up with better words left not pointing at the Miz. Score: -1.

Jason Bane had a bruise on his head. Bane played the angry card. He said it was clear that Krimson said he wanted him.Bane said that he is going to whoop Krimson’s ass. Bane said that he’ll do whatever it takes to beat him. Analysis: YELLING! Brick Tamland made an appearance. Not his strong suit. Score: 0.

Brodie Lee came to the ring with Fontaine. Matt Cross gave Maguire the boot. Johnny Gargano came to the ring. Cross said that Prohibition is having someone do his dirty work tonight in Lee just like he always does. Brodie Lee stalled while Gargano played to the crowd. Cross saying that he will prove the Tough Enough trainers at Wrestlelution 4. (Have another great wrestling match, that’s not what they criticized you for.) Lee got kicked charging in. Gargano fired some small offense. Lee caught him in the air and suplexed him. Lee gave Gargano a running back elbow. Pup handle throw by Lee. (That looked slick.) Drop kick by Brodie Lee stops a charging Gargano. Brodie Lee goes for a power bomb that Gargano flips out of. Lee took back over. Black Hole Slam (Truck Stop is what they called it) only gets a two count. Lee missed a big boot in the corner and flipped to the outside. Gargano caught him with a dive then dove onto Fontaine. One last suicide dive on Lee. Three super kicks by Gargano put Lee down. The masked man showed up, then Prohibition then Cross joined the fray. While those four paired off, Aaron Draven hit the ring. Lee gave him the big boot. Maguire came back out with a Free Fontaine sign. Labar showed up and ripped the sign. Fontaine hit the scene and chased off Labar. They went to the end with Prohibition being flanked on the outside by Gargano & Cross.

Analysis: Great way to end the show. You involve all of the characters in the biggest 2 matches of the card. Score: +1.

Final Score: 4/9. Final Analysis: The only bad thing you can say about this episode is that the end didn’t involve the PWO Championship participants in the big ending. They both got promos though. The TV Title match got the opening match up for hype. Valentino got a promo for his match with Tito Santana. N8 Mattson and Brian Castle helped to promote the Tag Team Title match. I may not have liked all of the segments but they did a great job of putting the card out there without giving away too much. -Kevin

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