PWO – Season 5 – Episode 1

The new introduction package is nice. Joe Dombrowski and Aaron Maguire (still wearing the neck brace) introduce the show but going over the card. The main event is Sex Appeal taking on the Ninja Elite Squad in a 2 Out Of Three Falls Match to determine who is the #1 contender for the Tag Team Championship. Kirst will battle Hobo Joe. Dombrowski introduces “M Dogg 20” Matt Cross comes to the ring.  Cross puts over Wrestlelution and says that he pinned Johnny Gargano clean to prove himself. Cross said that he will stop for nothing short of the PWO Title and calls out Jason Bane. He obliges. Bane said that he proved he was a fighting champion. He said he proved he was the man while picking glass out of his back. Bane said he was here for the PWO fans. Cross said that nothing has been easy for him. He said his soul rests in Pro Wrestling Ohio. Marion Fontaine interrupts Cross & Bane as they are about to fight. Fontaine points out that he was in the main event of Wrestlelution 4. He runs down Kevin Nash. Fontaine explains about the no contact rule he and Justin Labar are. He said he was low blowed from behind so he got legal consel from Aaron Maguire and said that he can sue PWO for control and to wipe out Labar. Fontaine said that he became the #1 Contender so that PWO could avoid the lawsuit. (Don’t cave to terrorists!) Fontaine offers to put his status as #1 Contender on the line against Cross for this evening. Fontaine ends by saying that  Cross may have been seen by millions, but people realized he wasn’t a “Megastar”. Cross said he has made a career out of proving people wrong. He finished by saying he accepted the match for tonight.

Analysis: A good segment. They let the two better talkers, Cross & Fontaine, carry more of the segment. Bane did fine on his end which was a bonus. Cross is better but still comes off a little tentative. He finished really well and with good fire. They set up a good match for the night and possibly more story if Cross gets screwed in that match. Score: +1.

Dombrowski takes us to highlights of “Omega” Aaron Draven from Wrestlelution 4. Draven talked up how great of an experience it was being the main event. He said that he’s going to bring the best “Omega” he can every week now. Draven said he was going to keep on working harder so that sometime he can become PWO Champion. Analysis: Short, effective, not the best but better because he is keeping his head up now and had more animation than previously. Score: +1.

Vic Travagliante interviewed Hobo Joe & Gregory Iron. He asked about CM Punk calling him an inspiration. Iron said it was the greatest thing in his career. Hobo Joe was bummed because he cost them the match at Wrestlelution. Joe said that he is holding him back. Iron said that Joe needs to believe in himself and that he’ll always have Joe’s back. Hobo tells him he needs to take Kirst on alone to prove that he still has it. Analysis: I had almost forgotten about Punk endorsing Iron. I asked him about that at the Kevin Nash party for Wrestlelution. Good idea to put that on television though. Nice story line for Iron and Hobo to have. They can either have someone go heel or they can still split amicably. Score: +1.

Kirst was introduced. Dombrowski said that the match between Cross & Fontaine will take place in two weeks. Hobo Joe was introduced. Joe tried to take off Kirst’s hood and Kirst head butted him. Joe took over the on the offense after that with a head scissors and a running senton. Joe gets caught with a boot as he went for the Pit Stop. Kirst choked him on the middle rope. Kirst missed a clothesline and Joe speared him. A guillotine leg drop only got Joe two. A Vader Bomb got him the same result. Joe gave Kirst a Pit Stop. Kirst face washes Joe with the boot numerous times. Tom Dunne calls the match as Joe was knocked out. Dombrowski reminded us that the Dead Wrestling Society said that there would be casualties. Krimson & Jason Gory came to the ring with chairs in hand. Kirst gave Joe a Van Terminator. Gregory Iron tried to make the save but got his ass kicked. Krimson gave Joe the drop toe hold into the chair. Joe was laid on top of two chairs then Kirst & Gory came off the top rope with double stomps onto his back. Krimson was holding Iron back. Kirst & Gory wiped Joe’s blood on Iron’s face. The face locker room finally empties to make the save.  Dombrowski goes serious voice to sell the beating going into commercial.

Analysis: Serious voice always cracks me up. It isn’t just a Dombrowski thing. It was a well done segment. Kirst gets a virtual victory (They never really said. The referee could have DQed Kirst for the ensuing assault.) and the Dead Wrestling Society gets to beat one someone who can use a break. Iron gets to have a vendetta. Score: +1.

Dombrowski comes back from commercial with serious voice. He asked Maguire what he thought about it. He said “Joe, it looks like the Pit Stop is officially closed.” (I’m not sure how Dombrowski didn’t fall over laughing. That line was well delivered especially with Maguire’s ridiculous smirk.) They introduced the main event players with Sex Appeal (Bobby Beverly, Bobby Shields & Nicki Valentino) coming out first and then the Ninja Elite Squad (Michael “The Bomber” Facade, Flip Kendrick & Louis Lynden). Valentino started against Lynden. They exchanged some basic moves. Valentino got some offense in then got tossed to the outside with a head scissors. Sex Appeal regained their composure on the outside. Kendrick came in against Shields. Bobby shoulder blocked him then missed charging into the other corner. Shields shoulder block Kendrick down. Facade tags in while Shields slips away to tag Beverly. Dombrowski informed us that Hobo Joe was taken to the hospital. Maguire asked “Who would open up Gregory Iron’s chips?” (Just in case you don’t know why Iron was an “inspiration” to CM Punk or why this joke was so funny, Iron has bells palsy and doesn’t have use of his right hand. Brutal yet funny comment from Maguire.) Dombrowski throws it to commercial while no pins have been recorded. (I’m a bit surprised. That’s usually when a break happens in a two out of three falls match on TV.)

Lynden pump kicks Shields in the corner. Beverly thrust kicked Lynden then followed him to the outside. A somersault senton by Facade took out Shields & Valentino in the ring. Facade followed it up with another one. Beverly kicked Facade in the head as he attempted a suicide dive. Dombrowski said that Lynden & Beverly were the legal men. Facade single leg drop kicks Shields & Valentino. Beverly rolls up Kendrick for the three count though. Dombrowski throws it to commercial. (There we go. More like it.)

Dombrowski notes that only two of these three men can represent their team for the titles. Facade and Beverly are the legal men. Beverly hits a baby power slam. Lynden kicks Valentino in the head. Shields gave Lynden a Falcon Arrow but Facade broke up the pin. (The referee shouldn’t have counted or Dombrowski was wrong.) Facade gave Beverly a back elbow to send him off the apron. Facade gave everyone a spring board twisting senton on to the outside. Facade pushed Beverly back into the ring. A spring board bull dog by Facade led to him trying the Arashikage Driver. Beverly only slipped out temporarily then Facade nailed it for the second fall. Facade is double thrust kicked by Shields & Valentino. (What a terrible time for a commercial. There is only two minutes of taping time left when they came back.)

Aeroform double roll up Shields & Valentino for only a two count. Aeroform leap onto them on the outside after low bridging them. Valentino got tossed to the outside. Kendrick gave Shields an enziguri. Lynden dragon suplexed Shields for the three count as Valentino tried to pull on his leg. Dombrowski doesn’t realize the match is won.

Analysis: Good match but the timing was off because of the commercial breaks. I figured they were done with two breaks. The pins worked out well enough though because the first took the longest to happen, the second the middle and the end was the quickest. The match was a little too chaotic which was proved at the end when even Dombrowski didn’t know the match was finished. How are the viewers supposed to know who is legal when the announcers are clueless? The commercial breaks also allowed for the viewer to have no way to know who was legal when no tags happened on screen. The wrestling action was good though. It’s good that the face team won since The Sons of Michigan (N8 Mattson & Benjamin Boone) are heels. Score: 0.

Final Score: 4/5. Final Analysis: PWO set up several possible story lines for the PWO Title to start the show. In the middle of the show, they set up a reason why most people would want a piece of Jason Gory for the TV Title. They did keep those reasons a little more vague though. PWO set up the contenders for the Tag Team Titles at the end of the show. Unlike Raw or Smackdown claiming they have a “Season Premier” this one truly was and it set up two of the three major titles in the company and also gave us some mid card possibilities. I don’t think you could ask for more out of an hour.

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    zourah 2011-10-09 at 1:26 pm #

    Damn good hour of PWO TV… I agree… I am a bit behind as this is the last show I have watched but I thought the angle with DWS and Hobo Joe was very good. It will be interesting to see if Hobo comes back with a different character or a bit more serious after the injury is sold.

    I agree with the hilarious “pit stop” comment.

    M-Dogg continues to show why he should be in main events for PWO.

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