PWO – Season 5 – Episode 4

There's a new authority figure in PWO. Is he a licensed architect?

Joe Dombrowski & Aaron Maguire kick off the show by telling us the main event is “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine taking on Jason Bane again, Krimson is battling Bryan Castle and first is Nicki Valentino against “Omega” Aaron Draven. Bobby Shields was at ring side for his Sex Appeal team mate. (The announcers seem exceptionally loud. It sounds like they’re echoing through out the venue.) Fast paced action started the match until Valentino took Draven’s legs out from under him when he was going for a spring board maneuver. Valentino cross faced him then drop kicked him in the back. Dombrowski accused Maguire of paying people off for the lumber jack match later between Fontaine & Bane. Valentino locked in a modified reverse chin lock. Draven countered out with a jaw jacker. Draven sentoned onto Valentino who was draped over the second rope. Draven clotheslined Valentino twice then gave him a big back body drop. A northern lights suplex by Draven that was pretty much no sold. Draven had to check into a top rope sunset flip because of the recovery. They reversed pinning predicaments. A fisherman’s suplex only got Valentino a two count. Valentino put Draven on the top ropes. Draven knocked Valentino off then caught him with an enziguri. Valentino hit a good looking drop kick. Valentino went to the top rope but ignored Shields’ advice to pin Draven. A spring board drop kick knocked Valentino down. Draven fireman’s carry slammed Valentino near the ropes. Draven finished him with the 450 splash.

Analysis: Solid and deserved win by Draven. Sex Appeal has been in a funk and the announcers seemed to saddle Valentino with more of it, which they should. Draven now needs to find a feud to capitalize on Nash making him look good. It was a well wrestled match to boot. Score: +1.

Vic Travgliante interviewed Bryan Castle who was playing Angry Birds. Brian Bender was sitting beside him who took the phone away from Castle who then waved at the camera. Castle had a hard time remembering that he has been training and watching lots of tape. He hasn’t washed his lucky head band. Bender forced Castle into a match against Krimson. Bender told Castle he needed to listen to him. Castle hugged Vic hard enough to hurt him. Analysis: Not the best promo. I’d hope that Castle would start learning something from Bender at this point no matter how dumb they’re playing him. I’ll be grumpy until this story goes somewhere. Score: 0.

Krimson waited patiently in the ring while Castle high fived people around ringside. Bender was at ringside. Krimson attacked Castle when he went for a high five. Krimson was punching, strangling and kicking Castle. Krimson stuffed Castle’s lucky bandana into his mouth. Castle got mad. He forearmed Krimson into a corner, Irish whipped him into another then splashed him. A snapmare led to a low clothesline by Castle. Krimson tried to regroup on the outside but Castle went after him. Krimson turned the tide by throwing Castle into a ring post. Krimson kept slamming him against it. Krimson rolled Castle back into the ring. He continued the assault on the left shoulder. Krimson missed a splash. Castle gave Krimson a single leg drop kick. Krimson gave Castle a cobra clutch into a Stroke  then held onto the clutch. (Cool looking move.)

Analysis: Another appropriately weighted match in terms of offense and outcome. Krimson needs a direction too now that he’s not going after the PWO Title. Score: +1.

Joe Dombrowski told us that the Sons of Michigan (“Amazing” N8 Mattson & Benjamin Boone) would be taking on Aeroform (Flip Kendrick & Louis Lynden) next week for the PWO Tag Team Titles. He then threw it to an interview with them. Mattson thought they’d be on Easy Street after Wrestlelution since they beat all of the teams in PWO but Aeroform has continued to be a thorn in their side. Mattson said they have heart for bouncing back from their lose. Boone said that Aerform hasn’t played in the big time yet. Mattson said they’ll finally decide who the best team from Michigan is. Analysis: Solid promo hyping next week’s match. Not their best work. Score: 0.

Louis Lynden was pumped for the tag team title match because it was two on two. He noted that they were close to winning at Wrestlelution and pumped about their win over Sex Appeal. Lynden went through their training regiment. Flip Kendrick took over and said that they plan on winning and don’t expect to lose for a long time. Flip told them to move to Indiana because they were taking their spot. Analysis: These guys continue to do well on the mic. Lynden got a little funky with the training by citing Jackie Chan but they still had loads of energy. Score: +1.

They showed a replay of the last match between Bane and Fontaine. The lumber jacks were brought out first. They came out in heel and face batches. “The Megastar” made his entrance as they went to commercial. Pedro De Lucca did formal ring introductions for Marion Fontaine and Jason Bane. Dombrowski was doing commentary by himself. Bane kept tossing Fontaine outside the ring. He kept getting tossed back in by the baby faces. Krimson & Jason Gory were staying apart from everyone. Bane beat on Fontaine until Boone grabbed his leg. It allowed Fontaine to do something. (I couldn’t tell. The camera man decided he should key in on Boone at ringside. Terrible choice.) Fontaine punched Bane while he was down. Matt Cross sat in a chair on the entrance ramp. Fontaine put on a side headlock. Bane belly to bellied Fontaine overhead. Bane spinebustered Fontaine. Bane missed Fontaine with the Baneline and almost took out the referee. Fontaine did when Bane ducked a super kick. The lumber jacks attacked each other. Brodie Lee snuck in and hit Bane on the back of the head with a pipe. Lee put Fontaine on top of Bane. The referee woke up and counted Bane down. Cross looked annoyed on the ramp. Justin LaBar came back and jumped into the ring. Fontaine berated him. LaBar told him his victory wouldn’t count because he is the new PWO commissioner. (I’m going to vomit.) He restarted the match. Krimson & Gory attacked Bane. The lumberjacks came back out and attacked each other. Bane dove onto everyone over the top rope. Brodie Lee threw Bane into the ring post outside. Bane rolled out of the way of a Fontaine frog splash. Bane then Banelined Fontaine for the victory.

Analysis: The usual lumber jack fair was trotted out. The match itself was fairly well wrestled. The ending was just a cluster fuck though. Setting aside my disdain for LaBar, what a terrible time to introduce him as the commissioner. The brawl after his announcement shouldn’t have happened. Full authority should be show unless they’re looking to ape HHH’s storyline. Bane got the easy win to retain the title but the brawl took away from it. Having Fontaine win wouldn’t have been terrible though since Cross and Bane do make for an odd match up as both babyfaces. Score: 0.

Final Score: 3/6. Final Analysis: Three matches and three promos made for a good make up. Hyping the tag team match main event for next week was a good idea. As already pointed out, I’d like to see the Bender/Castle storyline move in some direction rather than static. Two other guys are static and that’s Krimson & “Omega” Aaron Draven. They could end up being an interesting feud if they go that direction. LaBar and Fontaine might be stuck in neutral with him as commissioner and Fontaine being “screwed” for the belt. I was happy to see Brodie Lee but I’m not sure who he can take on if Bane is tied up with Cross. It would have made much more sense to name a licensed architect as commission, I’m just sayin’. -Kevin

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