PWO – Season 5 – Episode 6

A number of rivalries rear their ugly heads tonight. None of them are of the sibling variety though.

Joe Dombrowski introduces the show while Aaron Maguire relaxes. The main event is Johnny Gargano versus Gregory Iron. Brian Bender & Bryan Castle are set to take on Ben Fruith & Corey Winters. Dombrowski informs us that Jason Bane takes on “M Dogg 20” Matt Cross next week. The tag match between Bender & Castle and Fruith & Winters. Bender and Fruith start off the match. Bender puts Fruith in a hammer lock. Dombrowski apologizes for screaming Fruith Roll up but then makes a bad Breaking 2 Electric Boogaloo joke to unapologize. Bender picks up Fruith after a third attempt at a Fruith Roll up. Castle is tagged in. Castle gets a two count after a slam. Castle had Fruith in a fireman’s carry but allowed Fruith to get in a fourth roll up. Fruith & Winters double clothesline Castle. Winters got clotheslined back. Castle missed a corner splash. Winters gave Castle a running knee. Brodie Lee came down and booted Bender in the face. (He needed to sell it more.) Lee cleaned house. Bender came back in and ate another boot. Lee then powerbombed him. “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine grabbed a mic and told Justin LaBar that he didn’t have the upper hand. Fontaine said that him & Lee run the show. Fontaine said that no matter who the champion is, they’re coming after them. Winters yells at Lee as him & Fontaine are exiting. Winters is tired of being pushed around so he challenges Lee to a match next week. Maguire questions Winters sanity. They replayed the angle with Jason Bane and Matt Cross from the beginning of the season.

Analysis: The teams were on an equal level so I was going to be interested to see who got the victory but that obviously didn’t happen. Fontaine was good on the mic but this angle gets to me no matter when. If an employee(s) is going to be to be this insubordinate, fire them. Problem solved. He can’t come up with a legal reason when he admits he is doing wrong on television. Winters character could go somewhere but he is going to get his ass handed to him next week. Score:0 (match) +1 (Fontaine’s promo) -1 (logic of the angle) +1 (Lets see if they have something in mind. Could be a retroactive 0).

Krimson quoted Ernest Hemingway. Krimson said that Brian Bender was their next victim but Gregory Iron & his band of merry wrestlers saved him. Krimson said he was going to finish the job God started on Iron’s hand. Krimson said it was good to see Matt Justice. Krimson said that after his failure in New York, he hopes Justice comes around to Krimson’s line of thinking. Krimson greeted Jason Bane the same as Justice. Krimson said that he should keep the title ready for him. Analysis: Very good promo. There’s three people in the group, so they can target multiple people. He didn’t seem to have much direction yet this season but that’s a nice way to lay things out. Score: +1.

Matthew Justice came to the ring while Dombrowski filled us in on his recent history of going to the WWE and battling Krimson before he left PWO. He was excited to make his return in his hometown of Streetsboro. Justice said he didn’t belong there and wasn’t happy. He said he wrestles because it’s his passion. He didn’t like “sports entertainment.” Justice set his sights on Krimson and the rest of the Dead Wrestling Society. Analysis: If he wasn’t happy, fine, leave. He doesn’t seem big enough to fit the WWE mold. Him not being happy with “sports entertainment” is a joke. He’s still in it, just in PWO. I liked the conviction though when it came to Krimson. They could have a great match if he learned some more pointers in FCW. Score: +0.

Vic Travgliante interviewed Matt Cross and Jason Bane together. They weren’t looking at each other. Bane said he’s got respect for Cross but he’s been in PWO for the whole time. Bane was making fun of him for becoming an “entertainer.” Vic asks Cross how he can respond to these charges. Cross said that Bane only paints part of the story. Cross said that he was going to work by training with Bill DeMott. Cross said he’d do it again even if it pained him to miss the match for the PWO Title. Bane responded by saying that he’s beating off challengers. He said that Cross better bring it. Cross said that he’s been down the same road as Bane is describing. Cross said that none of the critics are going to matter when he walks out of next week’s match with the PWO Title. Bane & Cross had a tug of war over the belt to finish the segment.

Analysis: I liked Cross’s end more than Bane’s. The fact that they’re running down “sports entertainment” again as they do it irks me. Throwing out the logic problem, Cross was more convincing and had more fire. Bane is laid back more but it was better than one of his screaming promos. Score: +1.

“Omega” Aaron Draven said that he went from being out of the company to being on top of the company wrestling with Kevin Nash. He said that he’s going to keep beating the opponents in front of him until he gets to the PWO Title. Analysis: Solid promo but he’s got no direction quite yet so it was lacking in content. Score: 0.

Gregory Iron came to the ring before Johnny Gargano. They shook before the match. Gargano backed Iron into a corner and had a clean break. Gargano knocked down Iron with a shoulder block. They exchanged hip tosses. Dombrowski doing a good job of selling the psychology involved in attempting a super kick to Iron’s head. (That type of incident happened when Gargano was a heel and attacked Iron.) A head scissors take over by Iron got him on the offense. A spring board back elbow got Iron a two count. Iron shoulder blocked Gargano in the corner. A senton got Iron only a one count. A double axe handle and a knee to the gut only got Iron a one count. Iron got caught charging in. Gargano planted his face in the middle turn buckle. Gargano gve Iron a nec breaker. Gargano started working on Iron’s left arm. They abruptly cut to commercial. (Someone give the announcers the news in their headset!)

Iron was in control on the outside. He tossed Gargano inside. Iron forearmed Gargano in the corner. Gargano tossed down Iron on a second attempt at a flying forearm. Gargano double stomped a bent over Iron. Gargano sit down powerbomer Iron but only got a two count. Gargano connected with a suicide dive. Iron countered Gargano’s sling shot spear into a cutter. Iron hit the Disabler but only got two. Gargano pushed off another Disabler. They countered each other’s moves. Iron finished the sequence with a tornado DDT. Gargano kicked out at two. Enziguri by Gargano. They countered some moves again. Gargano gave him the super kick. They took each other down with clotheslines. Gargano forearmed Iron. Iron victory rolled Gargano but got two. Gargano drop kicked Iron in the corner. Gargano threw Iron into the middle turn buckle like a lawn dart. Gargano super kicked Iron who was on his knees. Gargano only got a two count. Iron countered out of Uniquely You twice. Handicapped PArking only got Iron a two count. He got frustrated. Iron hit Handicapped Parking again but Gargano rolled out of the ring. Krimson & Gory attacked Iron. Nicki Valentino & Bobby Shields snuck into the ring and double thrust kicked Gargano. Shields laid a ski mask on Gargano. Joe Dombrowski questioned what the mask meant.

Analysis: Great match. Iron has improved but Gargano keeps getting better. No wonder he’s being used a lot in Dragon Gate USA/Evolve. I expected Krimson & Gory to interfere but was surprised by the inclusion of Shields & Valentino. Questioning what the ski mask means is appropriate, it could have been one of them, or a new part of Sex Appeal. I’d be fine with Gargano having to go up the Sex Appeal food chain of Valentino, Shields then Beverly. Score: +2.

Final Score: 5/6. Final Analysis: I have a hard time getting them running down “sports entertainment” this whole episode when it was primarily promos, even the replay was Cross & Bane talking during the first episode. You’re on TV, you’re supposed to be entertaining. I don’t turn on shows just to be disgusted. I don’t watch those. I like to be entertained. I am entertained by your product. It happens to have some sporting action during all of it’s broadcasts. I dig that too. There’s nothing wrong with sports entertainment. You only had two matches on this episode and both were interrupted by a “sports entertainment” angle. I’m less angry because of the excellent end but still punctuated even more that they are part of sports entertainment. -Kevin

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