#PWOWrestling – Season 5 – Episode 12

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Joe Dombrowski and Aaron Maguire introduce the show. The attacker of Johnny Gargano will be revealed (which I happened to see as I was on Twitter). Benjamin Boone came to the ring with “Amazing” N8 Mattson. Matthew Justice was his opponent. (I was starting to wonder where he was after his big return speech.) Justice got Boone in the Anaconda Vice. Justice worked over Boone’s left arm.  Boone knocked Justice down. Justice drop kicked Boone twice. Boone recovered and tried to work over Justice’s arm. Boone kneed Justice coming in for a tie up. Boone choked Justice on the middle rope, distracted the ref and allowed Mattson to continue choking Justice. Boone side slammed Justice. Justice fired back with punches and kicks. Boone strangled Justice. Sunset flip by Justice got two. Boone gave Justice a spine buster. Boone stretched out Justice with a knee in the back. Justice gave Boone a neck breaker. Boone powered Justice into a corner. Justice dodged Boone who tumbled to ring side. Suicide dive by Justice nailed Boone. Justice shoulder blocked Boone. Justice clothes lined Boone twice and gave him a Fame Asser. Justice power slammed Boone for a near fall. Boone belly to belly suplexed Justice. Boone missed a splash. Spring board clothesline by Justice got him the victory.

Analysis: The announcers did a good job of covering the history of Krimson and Justice. He can’t really go after him though with Krimson in a number one contender’s match and going against Matt Mason. Justice is in a spot where they don’t have enough heels at his level of baby face. Aaron Draven has the same problem. We know how to solve it right? Turn one of them heel! Solid match. Justice looked a little rusty to me. Score: +1.

Bobby Beverly said that he finally has his chance for the PWO Title he’s been waiting for, for two years. He boasts of his win over Johnny Gargano. Beverly does a good job of being convincing about how Sex Appeal has gotten meaner and better since getting advice from the ski mask man. Beverly said he’s going to be champ next week. Analysis: And that promo is the reason I picked Beverly as one of the next guys to get a bigger contract. Great work. Score: +1.

Vic Travagliante interviewed Bryan Castle, the World’s Most Huggable Wrestler. Brian Bender is not going to be at his match Bobby Shields. Castle got lots of pointers from Bender. He made Castle eat healthier. Castle also demonstrated doing one hundred jump jacks but got winded after three. Castle said he does one hundred squats a day. Castle called one a hundred. Castle whacked himself in the head with a rubber warm up band. Analysis: Not the strongest of Castle’s showing on the mic but it was entertaining. I may also just not like it as much because I want them to move on from this year long gimmick. Sometimes I’m a complete dope. Jeremy pointed out to me that Castle’s shirt is a take on the Ghostbusters 2 symbol. Not sure why I didn’t recognize that before. Score: +1.

Nicki Valentino came out for a match. Ben Fruith came to the ring with the WrestleRama trophy. Valentino charged at Fruith and kicked him in the gut. Fruith nailed a cross body. Fruith kept him down after an arm drag. The announcers noted Valentino’s serious turn. Valentino missed a charge into a corner. Fruith arm drug Valentino three times. Valentino powered out and stomped away at Fruith. Valentino chopped him and followed up with a drop kick. Valentino had a key lock. He got two out of a fist drop. Fruith caught Valentino with a boot coming in. Fruith clotheslined him twice. Fruith nailed a double sledge. Valentino kicked Fruith. Valentino hoisted him up for a power slam. Fruith dropped out. Valentino kicked out of two from a Fruith Roll Up. Valentino kneed Fruith in the temple. Valentino locked in a cross face chicken wing.

Analysis: Now that’s how you rebrand someone. The announcers were in on the act selling the new Valentino. They gave Fruith enough offense to not make him look too weak. Score: +1.

Vic Travagliante was in Justin LaBar‘s office. He asked about the closed door meeting. LaBar is going to keep the meeting results quiet. Marion Fontaine said that LaBar didn’t need to answer any questions because he’s there. Fontaine is going to keep on appealing even if it fails. Fontaine won’t stop until he gets Brodie Lee back. His second wish is to get LaBar out of PWO. LaBar tells him he is sorry and he made an honest mistake. He then informed Fontaine he’d be wrestling next week against Corey Winters. Fontaine wondered what would happen in that match to him. LaBar tells him he’ll be at ring side because he still doesn’t trust Fontaine. The Megastar tells him he’ll wipe the mat with Winters. Fontaine tells him if he gets involved again, he’ll have more evidence to put him away. Analysis: PWO management would be dolts for thinking there’s a screw job going on. The segment played out well and both guys defended themselves well. I still don’t like the angle. Score: +1.

Joe Dombrowski told us this will be the in ring main event. Jason Gorey, the TV Champ, came out first. Michael “The Bomber” Facade came out second. Pedro De Lucca did the formal introductions. They exchanged chops. Facade knocked him down with kicks. Facade arm dragged him. Gorey draped Facade over the middle rope. He then missed a thru the ropes splash.  (I hope that makes sense. It’s the one where you hit the guys back and slide to ring side on your feet.) Facade nailed a spring board. plancha to the outside. Gorey tossed Facade into the guard rail. Facade tossed him into the stage entrance. Facade moonsaulted off the stage onto Gorey. The ref talked them back to ring side. Gorey refused at the last second and dragged Facade back outside. He then tossed Facade into the ring post. Gorey pounded away on him. He tossed Facade back into the ring. Gorey dropped a sling shot elbow. Gorey punched and bit Facade. Gorey pounded away Facade with some quick moves. Gorey jaw jacked Facade. Gorey launched himself into Facade’s stomach. Gorey kicked him on the side of the head. Gorey gave Facade the thru the ropes clothesline. Gorey slapped on a sleeper. Facade tried to elbow out a couple of times. He finally got out of it by shoving Gorey into the corner. Facade gave him a back suplex. Facade kicked him in the gut. He gave Gorey an atomic drop. Facade came up with a reverse heel kick. Facade pulled off the gui. Facade shoulder blocked Gorey in the gut. Facade walked the ropes and drop kick him. He only got a two count. Gorey slammed Facade after an attempted spring board move. Gorey argued with the ref. Facade spring board enziguri. Facade gave Gorey a running kick to the chest. It knocked Gorey outside the ring. Krimson distracted the ref. Gorey locked in his submission move called Pestilence which is similar to a Cobra Clutch. Matt Mason made the save as Gorey kept the submission on. Krimson pulled Gorey out of the ring and dragged him to the back.

Analysis: Both of these guys take risks in the ring. The problem with that is there’s bound to be some mistakes. There were fewer than before from Facade. Gorey seems to have taken some of it out in an effort to look more vicious and it’s working. Good logical ending too. No reason this couldn’t be a Wrestlelution match where the baby face finally gets what he’s been shooting for. Score: +1.

Matt Cross said that he’s been wrestling for ten years.  Cross said that you only thing you have in this business is your reputation. He said that was taken from him on national television. Cross said that Bobby Beverly won underhanded but he still knows how tough it is to beat someone like Johnny Gargano. Beverly earned his respect and a shot at his PWO Championship. He tells Beverly that as long as he is more worried about thrusting and hanging out with his goofball friends, he’s not going to win a championship. Cross said that he is eating and sleeping wrestling to rebuild his reputation and he’s going to beat Beverly next week. Analysis: The beginning was good but the ending was great. Saved the fastball for the end. I’m glad they didn’t play up the Tough Enough gig and concentrated on him proving himself again. I don’t want to hear him bitch and moan especially since he’s a baby face. Score: +1.

Justin LaBar was in the ring with the mic. He welcomed Johnny Gargano. Dombrowski tells us that Gargano is injured but he wanted to find out the mystery behind the ski mask anyway. LaBar asked him about his injury directly. Gargano said that he has a lower back injury. He said he couldn’t feel his legs any more. Gargano is thankful to God that he is standing in the ring. Gargano said that his injury started when he was attacked a year ago in Streetsboro (where they were for this taping). Gargano wants revenge and to feel more pain than he felt that night. Gargano calls out the masked man. Bobby Beverly saunters to the ring. He grabs a chair and gets into the ring. Beverly sits down in it in the middle of the ring. Beverly says the ski mask man is not Bobby Shields, Nicki Valentino or himself. They aren’t allowed to touch each other because this guy isn’t under contract. Gregory Iron made the save. The ski mask man clotheslined. He then pulled off the mask revealing Jimmy Jacobs. He grabs the chair then the mic. Jacobs said to enjoy the time off because when Gargano comes back he’s going to break the other half of him.

Analysis: It would really if I hadn’t seen the reveal on Twitter. The crowd didn’t have much of a reaction. I think these two can put on a good verbal and physical war provided Gargano regains his health. Glad PWO actually paid off an angle. I’m blaming the crowd on this one. Score: +1.

Final Score: 8/8. Final Analysis: A perfect score without any segments that were a +2. I’d love to say it was a perfect show but it wasn’t. My primitive rating systems lends itself to some gaffes. I wasn’t a big fan of the opening match because Benjamin Boone has now lost two consecutive matches to only one win since his move to the single’s division. Boone won that first match with the help of Jason Gorey so it wasn’t even clean. Boone has lost to the two guys (Aaron Draven and Matthew Justice) that he could have longer feuds with and they need that someone like him. Unfortunately, two clean pins never helps the heel’s case. Bryan Castle’s interview was entertaining but i I went half points, it might have fallen into that category. The same could be said for the main event match. I think I’ve done enough bitching about the whole GM over the barrel during all of my reviews including this one. I’ve just got to divorce myself from that problem and just concentrate on the persons involved and how they’re playing their parts. -Kevin

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