Chris Jericho is dumb. Brazil is even dumber.

According to this story on, Chris Jericho has been suspended indefinitely:

due to an irresponsible act of denigrating the Brazilian flag

Jericho threw down the flag then kicked it out of the ring. (See the link for the video. I’d much rather stare at the flag, um yeah, the flag, above) One would think even broke ass Brazilians would realize this move was to generate heat. You’d also think that a country that wasn’t run by a dictator or Communists wouldn’t arrest you for committing this act. But according to this story, the Ayatollah of Rock N’ Rolla was almost arrested but got out of it because he apologized to the fans. How dumb is this country? I wish I could have apologized to the citizens of South Carolina to get out of a speeding ticket (um yeah, a speeding ticket) when I was coming back Wrestlemania XXIV in Orlando. Jericho had this to say about the incident:

I made a bad judgment call in the course of entertaining fans in Brazil…I apologized to the people in the crowd for showing disrespect. It was a bad move. I did it with our fans’ entertainment in mind and I’ll accept the consequences for that.

I hope they don’t keep him off of TV for too long because I was looking forward to him taking on Randy Orton. It’s a good thing Orton didn’t take a dump on the flag though or else the WWE would have had a real international incident. -Kevin

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