@PRIMEwrestling – Season 5 – Episode 16

Joe Dombrowski and Aaron Maguire introduce the show. Jason Gory is going to defend his TV Title against Michael “The Bomber” Facade. Jason Bane will be taking on Bobby Beverly. Jimmy Jacobs is starting the show against “Omega” Aaron Draven. Pedro De Lucca introduced Jacobs as the “Zombie Princess”. Jacobs pounded away on Draven. Aaron took over Jacobs with head scissors but he came back with a clothesline. Jacobs gave Draven a running shoulder block in the corner. Jacobs put Draven in the Tree of Woe and kicked away at him. Jacobs gave Draven a neck breaker. Jacobs tossed Draven outside the ring and gave him an elbow off the ring apron. Jacobs tossed Draven into the guard rail. Jacobs pulled a spike out of his boot and used it while shielding the referee. Draven DDTed Jacobs on the ring apron thru the ropes. Draven clothes lined him. Jacobs kicked out after an enziguri. Draven missed a 450 splash. Jacobs speared him then gave him a double arm DDT for the win.

Analysis: The announcers did a good job of putting over Draven since he’d been on a winning streak for just over a year. The match was good. Both of these guys can go and they delivered. I think they could put on a better match but they needed to prove Jacobs to the Prime crowd. I wouldn’t argue if they had a feud at some point. Score: +1.

Vic Travglainte was with Bryan Castle. Vic asked him where Brain Bender has been. Castle has no answer to that question. Castle said that he needed to find a hero, it is Dan Arkham. Castle said that he was impressed with Arkham’s knowledge of Batman. Castle thinks that he’s Batman. Vic tried to talk him out of it. Castle left singing the old Batman theme as Vic shook his head. Analysis: Funny segment. Castle sold his belief in Arkham despite the craziness of claim. Vic was a good foil. Score: +1.

Kirst was sitting in front of a white picket fence because it’s the symbol of the American Dream. He told Gregory Iron he never saw it because his mom would have sold it for crack. Kirst said he found his family. Kirst told Iron he needed to accept himself for who he is. Analysis: Good stuff. Plastic white picket fences suck though. Wood ones aren’t much better. Score: +1.

Bobby Beverly was taking on Jason Bane as punishment from Jimmy Jacobs since Beverly didn’t deliver Matt Cross to Jacobs. Bane used his power to his advantage. Bane suplexed Beverly who rolled to the outside. Bane slammed Beverly but he pinned him weakly. Beverly gave Bane an enziguri. Beverly gave him three clothes lines. Beverly missed with a running boot. Bane ran at him but Bane got low bridged to the outside. Beverly gave Bane a senton from the apron. Bane picked up Beverly and slammed him into a corner. He gave Beverly several shoulder blocks. Bane belly to belly overhead suplexed Beverly. Bane gave him a spine buster. Beverly elbowed out of an F5. He tossed Bane chest first into the turn buckles. Beverly locked in a sleeper. Bane backed Beverly into a corner. Beverly took out Bane’s knee. Beverly chopped Bane. Bane caught Beverly trying to hop over him. Bane finished him with an F5. Bane gave Beverly a stare of respect.

Analysis: I really thought Beverly could have gotten in more offense to get to the level of respect the announcers wee talking up. It was no squash match but Bane control the majority of it. Well wrestled though. Score: +1.

They showed a replay of last week when Marion Fontaine hit Justin LaBar with a chair. Vic Travagliante explained the situation. He wondered whether Fontaine did it on purpose or not. The office of Prime Management is reviewing the incident. Vic threw it to an earlier statement by Marion Fontaine. He thinks he had things moving in the right direction with LaBar being demoted and Aaron Maguire being promoted. Fontaine said that LaBar baited himself so that he’d be hit with a chair. Fontaine said he had to be a man of his word and said he was sorry. Analysis: Vic felt like he was doing a columnist read rather than just being an interviewer. It was interesting and could be something if they let him editorialize about many topics. Fontaine did a good job of framing his argument but the end felt a little lacking. I expected something after the apology. Score: +1.

They showed the end of the Matt Cross versus Krimson match. Krimson said that Matt Mason is reaching out to someone who died three years ago. He told Moore he could help renew their friendship if he helped Krimson beat Cross. Krimson said when he needed the help, Mason was no where to be found. Krimson said he cost him the thing most dear to him the Prime Wrestling Championship. He said he was going to cost Moore the most important thing to him. Analysis: I like that they left open what would be dear to Matt Moore. I’m not sure I was a fan of the new smudge camera effect that they used but I was a fan of the content. Dude knows how to cut a promo. Score: +1.

Matt Cross said that next week he was set to take on Jimmy Jacobs for the Prime Wrestling Title. Cross wondered why he deserved a title shot. Cross said it took him years to climb back to the top not a couple of months. Cross was mad that he was doing it just to take Johnny Gargano’s spot. Cross said that the belt means more to him than Jacobs. Cross told him to earn the title. Anaylsis: The ending was OK. I liked the start since he did have to struggle to get the title back. Score: 0.

Jimmy Jacobs said that he has taken everything from Johnny Gargano, his mental & physical health and his city. The one last nail in the coffin is to take the title that made him a star. Jacobs said it took Cross two years to beat Gargano but it only took him one night and not even in a match. Jacobs said that next week he was going to become the Prime Wrestling Champion. Analysis: There was a lot of back ground noise and Jacobs looked annoyed by it. His eyes darted in one direction a couple of times. Solid promo though and good points were made. Score: 0.

Gory came to the ring before the commercial break. Michael “The Bomber” Facade came out and signed signs. Pedro De Lucca did formal introductions by even saying he was holding the TV Title hostage. It is being held in a black bag. Gory went outside. Facade spring boarded onto him. Facade took off the gui coming back in the ring. Gory slammed Facade. “The Bomber” connected with a heel kick. Gory kicked Facade in the temple. Gory used a reverse chin lock. Gory pulled Facade down by the hair. Gory worked on the knee. Gory hung out Facade on the middle rope. Gory dropped a big spring board leg drop. Facade rolled up Gory. He came back with a jaw breaker on Facade. Gory tossed him into a corner and monkey flipped Facade out of it. Gory bit Facade’s forehead. Facade gave him a neck breaker and a reverse DDT. Both struggled to get up. Facade ducked Gory’s attacks and kicked him in retaliation. Facade leg dropped Gory on the middle rope. Gory pushed the ref into the ropes as Facade was walking them. Facade tripped Gory on the ring apron. Gory double axe handled Facade in the stomach off an attempted spring board. Facade gave Gory a running knee to the head. Facade went for his finisher. Gory got out of it. He missed with the mist then kicked Facade in the balls.

Analysis: I like the ending. I was a bit surprised this match was on TV. I’d hope if they’re still going to run Wrestlelution that they’d finish this feud off there. The match was good up to that point but left enough action out there that they can do more with a rematch. Score: +1.

Final Score: 7/9. Final Analysis: This show went back to normal. I’m not a fan of the replays because of how limited their TV time is but they kept them in the pocket by connecting them to the promos that came after them. I like that it was back into the normal groove because it’s a good thing. Basic story telling well done. Refreshing.

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    zourah 2012-05-28 at 10:54 pm #

    Certainly a good show. I also liked that finish. It fit the storyline well. Castle is really funny again. I would not have guessed a Castle/Arkham alliance could be this entertaining.

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