#WatchROH – Aired 7 May 2012

We get a replay of Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander beating the Briscoes with the help Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin. Tomasso Ciampa starts off the show with his clown car. Matt Taven is his opponent. Kevin Kelly tries to sell us on Taven’s credibility. Ciampa got a quick jump on Taven. Jay Lethal comes to ring side and sits down. Ciampa nailed his finisher then stared at Lethal. Taven reversed into a suplex on the exposed concrete. They exchange on their knees and feet back in the ring. Taven uses his legs to his advantage. Taven gives Ciampa a neck breaker after Ciampa was hung up on the top rope. Ciampa kicks out after a frog splash. Nigel McGuinness says the crowd is going nuts. They aren’t. Ciampa gave Taven a jumping knee but only got two. Ciampa kneed Taven twice in the Tree of Woe.  Ciampa nails “Project Ciampa” for a win. If a schmuck gives Ciampa this trouble, shouldn’t Lethal walk all over him?

Veda Scott interviewed TJ Perkins who will be wrestling Mike Mondo again. The Young Bucks make fun of Perkins. They still suck, not in a good way. Perkins had a paint by numbers promo. He’s not engaging. I love his in ring work. They shake hands, which is more of a rarity than not shaking. Perkins gets in a neck breaker. Mondo crawled under the ring to attack Perkins from behind. Mondo fish hooked and dragged Taven around. Kevin Kelly tells me to set my DVR to watch Rhino take on Davey Richards. It won’t be that epic. Mondo ground his elbow into Perkins head. Mondo exposed the eyeball and appeared to be ready to eat it. Perkins fought out and started to use his speed advantage. Perkins nails a missile drop kick. The Young Bucks came to ring side. They distract Perkins. Mondo tumbles to the floor. Obvious over the top rope spot. One of the Young Bucks holds a leg. Mondo gets the win. The All Night Express makes the save after Mondo & the Bucks attack PErkins after the match.

Charlie Haas gives everyone a reminder that the Briscoes started the war between themselves. Shelton Benjamin said they want their belts. The Briscoes admit to starting the feud. They’re going to whoop them in Toronto. Truth Martini runs down his houses matches. Roderick Strong told Fit Finlay he’ll be in for the biggest fight of his life. Michael Elgin tells Adam Cole that he’s the only break out star. Rhino said that he’s going to take out Eddie Edwards. Eddie says it’s all about who can take more punishment. He told Rhino he won’t stand in his way to getting the ROH Title back. Mike Bennett told Lance Storm that he’s pathetic for asking for a rematch. Bennett said that Storm’s career will come to an end at Border Wars. I just realized that Border Wars was last night. Their events seem more packed together than the WWE’s PPV. I’m not even looking up the results but Dusty’s “LOL ROH” tweet takes on a whole other context now.

Veda Scott interviews Kyle O’Reilly. He tells Kevin Steen that he’s going to expose Steen for the fraud that he is. O’Reilly is going to end wrestling’s worst day dream. Kevin Steen hits the ring with Jimmy Jacobs. McGuinness is surprised by the boos for O’Reilly. I guess he doesn’t pay attention to the product either. Steen has been a crowd favorite since his return. Steve Corino is in the booth. O’Reilly gets in some kicks. Steen bails to the outside. O’Reilly plays to the crowd. Dummy. Steen power bombs O’Reilly on the ring apron. Commercial. O’Reilly is selling a left knee injury. Steen  misses a corner splash. O’Reilly nails a drop kick from the apron to the floor. Steen with a DDT to turn around momentum. Steen with a cannon ball in the corner. O’Reilly locks in an arm bar but Steen gets to the ropes. Steen spits on O’Reilly. Kyle gets a running start and Steen power bombs him. Steen puts in O’Reilly’s mouth guard and locks in an ankle lock. Corino acts like it’s a milestone that he can use the move. Enziguri by O’Reilly turns things around. O’Reilly distracts himself with Jacobs. Steen nails an F5 for the win. Steen & Jacobs attack O’Reilly. Davey Richards makes the save. Jacobs low blows Richards. Refs and what not break up the brawl. The announcers try to sell how this will change ROH. Complete stupidity. What, a commercial?

They go to replays of the match while people tend to O’Reilly in the ring. Hello stupid. Davey Richards grabs a mic as the crowd sort of chants “Shut up.” Richards threatens Steen to finish up. Time to look up results from last night. -Kevin

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