Kevin’s Blog: Definitely Late & Half Assed Review of @ImpactWrestling

I need to get stuff off my DVR since I’m traveling to Altoona PA for my nephew’s baptism. Gues who the godfather is? It’s a trifecta, second from the family. It’s late already. Let’s roll.

Sting comes out with serious face on. Sting, temporary GM, calls them out but Austin Aries calls them out. He wants some. You know who else wants some, Kurt Angle? Their trifecta is Bobby Roode. Smart move, he blames James Storm. Storm attacks from behind. The other guys let them fight. Roode claims the attack as proof. Even better.

Tara tells us how awesome Chavo Guerrero. Then Kid Kash. Then Kurt Angle. All blowing some serious smoke. Roode rants and raves about not being believed. Good continuation. Gail Kim & Madison Rayne are taking on Tara & Mickie James. The wrestling is good between Tara, James & Kim. No big surprise. Madison doing a good job in her role. Earl ends up giving Madison the duke because Mickie had her shoulders down but lifted one out of his view. Sting tells Austin Aries to address the X Division and “make some cuts.” Yeah, fire half of them!

Hernandez, Gunner and Bully Ray try to talk up Chavo too. I understand the technique is right, but it’s fucking CHAVO GUERRERO. Jimminy cricket. Sam Shaw is back for his Gut Check match against Doug Williams. The Englishman will get a win for the first time in a long time. Joey Ryan pops Al Snow. Don’t telegraph the angle at the beginning of the show with a group of 87% signs right in front of the camera. Rolling Chaos is a bad ass finisher. Austin Aries starts to talk to the X Division crew. Sonjay Dutt, Kenny King and some with an afro are talking. Not sure who the goofy white guy is. Rashard Cameron gets cut. More Chavo. Time to FF.

Chavo getting a warm reception but that should tell you he wasn’t worth the hype. He wants to make TNA his conquest for the Guerrero name. He talks up the locker room. Kid Kash & Gunner come out like a bunch of shirtless gay men and berate Chavo. Chavo gets the first shot in, gets over whelmed then gets saved by Hernandez. Kurt Angle wants to make James Storm isn’t behind this. Storm acts like he might be behind it. Cool.

Fatty Pritchard gets Al Snow to snap about Joey Ryan. Tazz acts level headed. Tazz talks up Shaw.Pritchard talks him up & down. They must decide tonight. That segment wasn’t great. AJ video package & entrance before a break. James Storm doesn’t get an entrance. Claire Lynch is staring down AJ. Good match. AJ kicks out of an Eye of the Storm late. Brutal looking suplex by AJ into the low corner turnbuckle. Near fall for the flying burrito. Aces & Eights attacks AJ before the match can be decided. They leave Storm alone. They bail quickly.

Jason Hervey asks accuses James Storm. He flips out on Hervey. I FF thru Gut Check until they get to Tazz. Sam Shaw gets a contract. Just what TNA needed, more wrestlers. Dakota Darsow is the other guy. I forgot him already. Austin Aries cuts Darsow. Makes sense.

Zema Ion defends his title against, drum roll please, Kenny King because Sonjay Dutt may still be injured. I feel like taking some ecstasy listening to King’s music. I’m starting to nod off. This review is going to get ugly. I could sleep with my lap top on my lap. I have no idea what Ion’s finisher is. That’s not a good thing, TNA. Roode attacks King. Ion with a moonsault for the victory. Weird. Aries ends up attacking Roode. Bully Ray is not afraid of Aces & Eights or Kurt Angle. Another solid promo from him.

Angle & Bully Ray have their match next. Hey, wasn’t Kurt supposed to be at the Olympics right now? I will be driving thru Washington PA tomorrow to get back to Altoona. I will not stick around to see these clowns live even with a BFG series match there. Bully Ray nails a pile driver. Don’t see that much other than the occasional Tombstone. Just a good match after the break. I don’t do play by play. Angle Slam for the win. Aces & Eigths attacks. Styles, Sting & Aries are getting beat down when Storm makes the save. Everyone questions why they took off. Been a well played and executed angle all night. -Kevin

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