Kharma no longer wants to be fat nor maintain her dignity

Late night internet perusing is good for a few things outside of porn and one of them is getting on TMZ to see what non-story they are vehement about publishing in the hopes that they get some press. Yes that means the press is out to publicize itself.
Anyway, came across this about recent WWE layoff Kharma and her recent travails as of late. According to TMZ:

Former WWE star Kharma tells TMZ … she fell into a deep depression after suffering a miscarriage last year … and put on so much weight, she fell out of wrestling shape.

But now, Kharma says … she’s finally broken out of her funk and is on a renewed mission to shed the fat so she can get back in the ring.

We broke the story … Kharma’s baby died before she was able to give birth on December 31. Kharma says she had put on a lot of weight during the pregnancy and believes the extra pounds caused her health to suffer and may have contributed to the miscarriage.

In the months that followed, Kharma became depressed, put on even more weight and was dropped by the WWE.

But in the past couple of weeks, with the help of some friends, Kharma motivated herself to get back into fighting shape … and has vowed to reclaim her career.

We’re told she’s already recruited a team of fitness experts and therapists … and plans to document the transformation in the hopes of scoring a reality show.  In fact, sources tell us … Kharma has already been in touch with multiple production companies.

One important item needs to be pointed out here:  TMZ is taking credit for the exclusivity of their reporting of her miscarriage. They are trumpeting their journalistic prowess by claiming primary rights to this woman’s kid dying before anyone else found out and had the nerve to use it for their own benefit.

“Her kid died.”

“Awesome we knew about it first. Fuck her privacy! Get it to print.”

Anyway, shifting the focus on Kharma a bit; one way to get back in with WWE is to get yourself back in shape and show that commitment again for their business. Going out and securing a production company in the hopes of documenting your return to health is not the way to do it. It is trashy and bottom barrel entertainment. This is null and void of course if it is part of The Biggest Loser, which is the only legitimate weight loss reality show on television. Legitimate is a funny word in this case, but whatever.

Has anyone watched The Biggest Loser and not had the compunction to laugh uproariously at those fatsos? Who is inspired by this show? It is prime time ridicule sanitized and made acceptable because they slim down by the end of the season. You get the warm and cuddlies because they are not life threatening and healthcare damaging train wrecks any longer.

Sorry, got off track. Kharmas entire mystique is built on the fact she is a large woman who terrorizes the smaller, prettier women. She has always been billed as the monster woman and legitimately as the baddest woman in wrestling.

Exposing yourself for thirty to sixty minutes of screen time on a twelve week turn is a nuclear bomb on the career. Let’s go over all of the reality stars that have become mainstream success with any sort of longevitiy. I’ll wait.

Yup……ok…….no, really……..sure…….Cuban samiches, mmmmm…………..

And the defense rests, your honor.

Kharma’s best bet for a career resurgence or resuscitation is to get back to her fighting weight in private. Keep the cameras away at all costs. Get in Shimmer and AIW’s Girls Night Out events. Get the legs again and WWE will come knocking again. They signed Kharma for a reason and with a three hour Raw slate, a potential WWE Network still on the docket there will be a much needed use for talent to fill programming.
There is no way they she reaches that level again if she embarrasses herself for the amusement of people like me who throw ring dings, chocolate pies and insulin at overweight people. -Jeremy

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    Fanatic 2012-08-08 at 9:09 pm #

    I love watching Biggest Loser while I eat ice cream, bring it on!

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