@PRIMEWrestling – Season 5 – Time To Catch Up Part II

I may have a panic attack trying to fit in my wrestling duties this week. I’ll be squeezing in an audio with the always entertaining Aaron Maguire tomorrow night. I’m hoping to get this past week’s show done tonight too. No more yapping, let’s start this party.

Aiden Veil starts the program off taking on Bobby Beverly. Veil is making his debut with a pair of drumsticks and he hailed from “The Stage”. I love these early gimmicks. Bobby Shields was on commentary with Joe Dombrowski. Beverly offers a hand but Veil slaps him. Beverly tossed him outside the ring and kicked him in the chest from the apron. Beverly chopped away before tossing him into the ring. Veil used his drum sticks to get an advantage. Ah, this past week’s episode was a review for Wrestlelution. I’ll get to catch up on what I missed, hopefully. Beverly nailed a fisher man’s suplex but only got a two count. Beverly followed it up with a super kick for the win. Bobby Shields charged the ring and a brawl ensued. Nicki Valentino tried to separate but needed help from the referees. Solid work from both guys in the ring. Shields could still use some work behind the head set.

Gregory Iron isn’t sure what to say about Zack Gowen. Iron can’t believe he’s buying into N8 Mattson’s BS. Iron is wondering why Gowen has given up on being a role model. Iron said he knows there would be no Gregory Iron without Gowen. (Someone needs to get him a book about the birds and the bees or he could just clarify that he means the wrestler.) Iron said that he’s going to have to fight him. Gowen appears above him. He talks about how he’s had to fight every day of his life. Gowen wished he could have called him a failure when he was a child. Iron is going to fight him because of the kids that look up to him. Gowen calls him pathetic. Iron leaves the area. Solid segment but Iron should really be more pissed at Gowen at this juncture. He should be ready to fight him willingly.

Krimson says that absence makes the heart grow fonder. He said that he used to have a life like Matt Mason. Krimson told him he’s going to find out what it’s like to his life ripped away from him. Krimson said he’s going to take Mason’s family then his soul.

Rhino is still doing a sit down interview still. Rhino knows what Jason Bane’s record is in PRIME Wrestling. He said they’re both bad men. Rhino said that he’s going to end his winning streak. He finished by saying that even if he’s hit by the Baneline, he’s going to kick out and hit him with a Gore! Gore! Gore! He closed better than he start even if it ended with the predictable tag line.

Joe Dombrowski clears up that Mason’s wife joined the Dead Wrestling Society. I was wondering because she was acting like a zombie. She was also still wearing her wedding ring. Mr. RBI Isaiah Bonds is taking on Bryan Castle with Dan Arkham. Castle started out using an ice cream board cut out to mock, I think, Mr. RBI. Castle got the early jump. Mr. RBI turned it around with some shots to the stomach. Bonds hit a nice looking enziguri. Bonds nails a standing moonsault. Mr. RBI used Castle’s lucky head band to clean his mitt. Castle went crazy. He finished with a drop kick into the corner. Castle gave Mr. RBI a flying cross body for the win. It’s nice to see Castle moving forward a little bit. He used to still pussy foot around after someone messed with his head band. That being said, it’d be nice if he’d move on from the head band some time soon.

Jason Bane continued his sit down talk about Rhino. I’m still not digging the look away from the main camera view. He turned to the camera to Bane Line! Bane Line! Bane Line! It was OK. At least he looked at the camera.

Jimmy Jacobs is wondering if the nerves are getting to Johnny Gargano. Jacobs is saying Gargano’s 8 year career is going to be ended in 8 minutes in the ring. Jacobs wants to finish him, take his soul and break him. Jacobs said he’s going to be the new man with a legacy in PRIME Wrestling after Wrestlelution.

Vic Travagliante is back in the Wrestlelution Studios. Hey, I bought those $30 tickets for myself and my girl today. Michael “The Bomber” Facade is out for blood. He told Gory he isn’t intimidated by his gore. Facade said that Gory better bring a shovel because the only way he takes the title from Facade is if he’s dead. I think they did police sirens on purpose so Facade ran out of the interview area. That is the first time they’ve played up “The Bomber” gimmick and it couldn’t have come at a worse time. He just delivered a good promo about his year long foe. Jason Gory said a casket is a sign of finality. Gory said that Facade’s fate is sealed shut. He’s going to watch the breath leave his body. He was too breathy in his speech. Just use your real voice.

Striped tank tops are in and Johnny Gargano is part of the fad. Gargano talked about his injury at the hands of Jacobs. Gargano says he always plans on stealing the show at Wrestlelution. This year it isn’t about stealing the show. He just wants to stop Jacobs. Gargano said that his heart will never be broken even if the rest of him is. Gargano is going to beat Jacobs to within an inch of his life. Gargano said he’s going to take out the Zombie Princess’s brain. I could have used without the gun going side cocked. Terrible form for shooting.

Vic Travagliante comes out acting Justin LaBar’s assistant. Aaron Maguire leaves the announce booth to even the odds and keep an eye on LaBar. Vic joined Dombrowski on the announce booth. Jimmy Jacobs & Marion Fontaine came out first. Matt Cross & Johnny Gargano joined them for the main event. Vic & Joe talked about how both teams could implode. They reminded us that Cross lost the PRIME Title to Jacobs. Gargano and Fontaine got tagged in. Gargno took to the offense with a wrist lock. Gargano nailed a nice low drop kick. Completely unnecessary to run down the card with Vic doing it earlier. Fontaine missed a top rope leg drop. Cross got the hot tag. A double team by Jacobs & Fontaine led to Cross selling. Gargano got his own hot tag. Jacobs kept avoiding contact from Gargano. Fontaine took a lot of punishment. Gargano speared Fontaine into the middle turn buckle. Fontaine kicked out at two. Gargano got distracted by Jacobs. Fontaine super kicked Gargano. Fontaine tried to bring a chair into the ring. All hell breaks lose. Jacobs DDTs Gargano onto a chair and slides it out of the ring before the ref gets back from looking at Fontaine & Cross on the outside. Jacobs put Gargano in a chair outside and told him he shouldn’t have been sending him the ski masks. Someone came out wearing the ski mask and revealed himself as Bobby Beverly. Gargano got the drop on Jacobs as Beverly backed away. The program ended. Nice finish. -Kevin

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