@PRIMEWrestling – Season 5 – Time To Catch Up Part I

A show favorite, Bobby Shields, pointed out to me on Thursday that I had a lot of reviewing to do before Wrestlelution 5. Yes I do and I don’t have all of the episodes on my DVR because I changed them out recently. I could watch them online but we’ll get to those if I can. I usually like to describe all of the action but that takes much longer than what I have time for right now. The show is on Sunday so it’s time to bang these out like a Monday Night Raw review. I’ll try to add some information about the matches but it won’t be in depth. I guess I should buy tickets for myself and my girl too. Oops. I’ll be there next Sunday.

Matt Mason is coming out of his car with a blonde. His wife must have been screwed with by Krimson. Wow, I missed some important stuff. I guess I’ll have to watch the replays on the shows. Krimson comes out to wrestle Louis Lynden. Louis capped the early offense with a running senton onto Krimson on the outside. He had good speed which helped make it more impressive. Lynden kicked him in the corner more. Krimson caught him charging in with a drop toe hold. Krimson has good “Big Man” offense in this league. Lynden was an idiot for holding himself up on the ropes when Krimson dropped a knee on him. A wheel kick gave Lynden a small spark. He got a two count on Krimson after a pump kick. Lynden got another two after a moonsault. Lynden kicked out after a clothes line to the back of the head. Matt Mason came out to attack Krimson but was held back. Lynden school boyed Krimson for the three count. Good work.

Jason Bane has a sit down promo about Rhino. He’s talking about how he’s done everything on his own without help like Rhino has. He’s not going to give up his spot easily. I liked it better than most of his promos, but I didn’t understand why he was in profile the whole time.

Bobby Beverly is not here to make excuses. He said Sex Appeal has been very important to him the last three years. Beverly said that it was a mistake to bring in Jimmy Jacobs. He said he doesn’t need Bobby Shields or Nicki Valentino. Beverly is pissed at Shields for turning his back on him. Beverly offers a hair versus hair match for Wrestlelution. It fits their old gimmick so I like it. Beverly could have had a little more conviction but it was a good explanation of events.

Bobby Shields takes on Mr. RBI Isaiah Bonds. Management has approved the hair versus hair match for Wrestlelution. That was a little too quick. Shields takes it to RBI early. Magurie gets me to laugh talking about how great it is to talk three times as much as a normal show. RBI got in a little bit of offense but it was a squash. Shields cut off RBI’s facial hair.

The replay is of Kirst taking on Zack Gowen. Iron distracted Gowen which allowed Kirst to hit a pair of DDTs. Iron attacked Kirst even though he wasn’t medically cleared. Iron tried to help Gowen get up. They started arguing. Gowen hugged Iron then punched him in the stomach. N8 Mattson came out and gave Gowen his cane. Gowen then rammed the cane into Iron’s face. Vic Travagliante should not have been in camera view as Gowen berates Iron for causing him to lose two matches and not being able to keep up with the big dogs. Gowne officially joins the Sons of Michigan.

Gregory Iron retold his love for Zack Gowen. He’s doing a great job of being despondent. Someone is opening a door in the back ground. He finished by saying you never want to meet your idols because they’re not what you think. Great stuff. N8 Mattson told Zack Gowen that Iron was trying to steal his spotlight. Gowen says that the handicapped heroes idea wasn’t going to work. Evidently, Gowen thinks lightly of suffering concussions. Iron was more impressive. His logic in why he clocked Iron is pretty weak.

They had a sit down interview with Rhino, same style as for Jason Bane. He talked about unifying the ECW Titles and then winning the TNA Title.

Nicki Valentino asks for help from Jimmy Jacobs. Jimmy points out that he used them for what he needed them for already. He tells Valentino to referee the match between the two Bobbys. Vic Travagliante does the Wrestlelution Control Center. Petey Williams has been signed by Prime Wrestling and will take on Matt Cross. That match has a lot of potential. Matt Mason is taking on Krimson in a No DQ match. Brian Bender is taking on Bryan Castle. Naturally, Johnny Gargano is taking on Jimmy Jacobs for the title. Marion Fontaine hopes it’s the last chapter of Fontaine versus Justin Labar. Everyone wants this feud done. Fontaine did a good job of alluding to some dirty work in his matches without saying it.

Nicki Valentino comes out woozy from the belt to the back of the head. Michael “The Bomber” Facade comes out to defend his TV Title. Valentino recovered in time to start the match. Facade had the better of the offense early but nothing major happened. Valentino got in some offense. Valentino ate some body kicks then caught one to heel trip Facade. Valentino slapped on a reverse chin lock. Facade “Hulked up” after some chops. After a wheel kick, Facade took off the gui. Facade walked the ropes then kicked Valentino. Nicki got two after a Northern Lights suplex. Irashigaki Driver by Facade got him the win. Good opponent and Valentino still put up a fight. Jason Gory came up from behind Facade and choked him out. Gory grabbed a mic and challenged Facade to a casket match. -Kevin

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