Brian Gewirtz out as head writer for Raw

Shit just got serious. THIS serious.

According to Dave “Patty” Meltzer, Brian Gewirtz has been removed from the position of head writer for Monday Night Raw. He will be retained, however, as a “consultant.” Which is basically the nice way of saying they don’t want to just completely fire him, but they want his ass on out of there. And I quote:

Everyone is scared.  Vince told the producers today, “I want results or I want resignations.”

So we all know how productive things are going to be in the short term with angry Vince placing mountains of pressure on everybody. Tonight’s show is going to be a total fucking mess.

On the plus side, at least we won’t have to be subjected to any more of Gewirtz subjecting us to his sensibilities under the guise of it being “what Vince wants.” I was waiting a long time for McMahon to wise up to that nonsense. – Dusty

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