Kevin’s Blog: A Day Late & A Dollar Short Review of @ImpactWrestling

It’s been a Kevin heavy week with me attending Raw, actually getting to Prime Wrestling and now having a Friday devoid of my girl I get to do more reviews. TNA has gotten the short end of the stick recently around these parts. So even though I watched a little of it last night, I’m starting fresh for this review.

I didn’t hear much of this James Storm promo last night because Baby Momma Drama wouldn’t stop talking. I didn’t miss much. Not bad but no meat to it. Bobby Roode interrupts. He has much more meat on his end. I like it. I like it even more after their scuffle and him talking Storm into a dumb match. Hulk Hogan talks about AJ Styles’s frustration. Hogan points out that he’s his own worst enemy. So it was his idea to put him into a never ending feud that ended abruptly and was terrible 75% of the time for the last year? I don’t think so.

DOC gets to defend himself. He points out all of the beatings he’s been dishing out. Devon picks someone by dart. I’d whoop his ass in Cricket. Kid Kash gets a shot at the TV Title because he’s on the roster. Not sure the last time I saw him win. RVD is doing the selling early. This match has been terrible. Both of them look at fault for it. RVD with the frog splash. Yawn. Eric Young is talking up his show, except for not using the name. ODB is still horny.  The whole act has lost some momentum.

Kurt Angle talks to Garrett and whoever the other guy is. I watch every week. Wes evidently. No wonder I don’t remember it. Jesse is taking on Young. The ladies are at ring side. EY pays too much attention to ODB whooping on Tara. Jesse catches him with a super stunner for the win.

They do a nice job of building up DOC. Hulk Hogan is killing me. This pitch is awful. I do like the idea of Joseph Park learning how to wrestle. Do away with the Abyss gimmick all together. Devon, DOC & a masked man attack Magnus. Bully Ray runs them off way too late. Then they cut to commercial before they really sell Magnus being hurt. Wow. Terrible.

Camera man asks Austin Aries if he was going to move on from Jeff Hardy. What the hell is going on with the Jim Morrison like talk over while the woman rubs him? I mean I like different but that was awkward. They acted like Aries talked to him live so he shouldn’t be able to do a talk over.

Kurt Angle & Garrett Bischoff took on Devon & the Masked Man. Is that Trevor Murdoch? I haven’t paid much attention to the speculation of who these people were. Kurt Angle gets another cheap win against Aces & Eights. Shouldn’t the bad guys be getting these cheap wins? Bully Ray is with Brooke Hogan again. Sexy. Tara has to pick her opponent. No, there’s a match for that. Tara gets catty. Good for her. They start introducing the ladies. Gail Kim, Madison Rayne and Mickie James are before the break.

Miss Tessmacher and ODB are the last two. Not much of a battle royal. Tessmacher is the first to almost get pitched. She ends up getting tossed first anyway. Madison Rayne gets tossed when ODB spits in her eyes. Gail Kim tosses ODB. Ninja kick for the Mickie James win as I just explained to Sean. You need to have a baby face win this match. James Storm wants to shut up Bobby Roode once and for all. AJ Styles then glares at Storm. Good deal.

DOC gets tossed from the gang. They then surprise him with his jacket thru the door. Fun gag and good way to play it. AJ Styles comes out decked out in his gear. AJ plays up his run of awful angles. AJ is not thankful for anything this year. Kazarian & Christopher Daniels come out. Why are they going back to this well again? Daniels is being a dick but, again, seriously? AJ wants to go one last time. Kazarian says that AJ is stale. Let’s hope they’re smart enough to have this feud end with a decisive AJ win.

Austin Aries is talking about his education. He’s a perfect observer. Aries needs to push some buttons next week. He’s got a plan for Open Fight Night. Kurt Angle sells Wes Brisco to Bruce Pritchard, Al Snow  and D’Lo Brown. Kurt needed to do something to keep Wes on his side. I was figuring Wes would turn on Angle. I forgot Russo isn’t writing anymore.

Bobby Roode and James Storm get the Jeremy Borash introduction. Storm jumps on Roode early. Roode gets control before the commercial break. It’s been a good match so far. I wouldn’t expect less out of these two. Storm drops Roode with a big power bomb. Storm sells the arm injury. Roode gets a two count after the spine buster. Roode locks in the cross face. Back stabber then and Code Breaker. Roode distracts the ref, whacks Storm’s head off the exposed turn buckle and Roode grabs the tights to ensure the win. Interesting turn of events. -Kevin

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