@PrimeWrestling – Season 6 – Episode 3


Pedro De Lucca has to introduce Corey as the special guest referee. Jimmy Jacobs is introduced first. Bobby Beverly is his opponent. Beverly rushed the ring and they start brawling. Beverly clothes lined Jacobs to the outside. Beverly nailed a nice enziguri as Jacobs tried to get back in the ring. Beverly kicked him from the apron. Jacobs dodged a diving Beverly who hit the guard rail. Jacobs tossed Beverly into the guard rail. Beverly bicycle kicked Jacobs. Beverly chopped him. Jacobs DDTed Beverly coming back into the ring. Jacobs low drop kicked him. Jacobs got in a neck breaker. After taunting the crowd, he hit another. Jacobs yapped to Corey. Beverly hit a back breaker. Jacobs rushed into a corner and Beverly hip toss (I think I’m using the wrong move, but) Jacobs into the corner. Beverly caught him with a suplex to target the back again.Jacobs kicked Beverly in the crotch. Then did it to Corey. Jacobs grabbed a chair. Beverly blocked it. Nicki Valentino came out and got the chair. Corey pulled him down.  Corey grabbed the chair from Jacobs. Beverly rolled up Jacobs for the win.

Analysis: A really good match. The right person won too. Jacobs can recover, if he’s going to be around. I was ready to kill the DJ but he must have had some training. Corey looked more comfortable in the ring than I expected. Score: +1.

Gregory Iron admitted to defeat from N8 Mattson. Iron said that it was more important for him to have the respect of Zack Gowen. He said that they plan on taking out the Sons of Michigan. Iron said he hasn’t forgotten about Kirst. He is mad at him. Iron said him & Gowen will climb to the top of the tag team ranks and battle him and Krimson. Iron finished by saying he was “dealing with a loaded hand gun” then shot the camera. Analysis: Greg, you had me until the end. That was so cheesetastic I didn’t even like it.  I mean, I watch shows for their cheesiness. Not good. Score: 0.

Justin LaBar said that it has been quite a ride as commissioner. He said a chair shot and being low blowed by Marion Fontaine was to be expected. LaBar said that being thrown against the guard rail by Vic Travagliante was worse be cause he was a trusted friend. LaBar shows a picture of them at Vic’s wedding. He said he’s done being taken advantage. He said they would fight some time. LaBar said that he’s not going to travel alone and introduces Matt Cross. He’s mad at Vic & Aaron Maguire because they’re taking the spot light off of the wrestlers. Cross said he was happily standing by LaBar’s side. Analysis: LaBar was fine. Cross brought the fire. I like showing off the travel credentials. Score: +1.

Jason Gory came out first. Thomas Adams came out for his second match. Adams jumped over a charging Gory. He drop kicked Gory. Adams missed a corner splash. Gory clothes lined Adams like the Miz. Gory dropped a sling shot elbow.  Gory chopped Adams. A snap mare took Adams into a chin lock.  Gory back body suplexed him. Gory splashed Adams who was draped on the middle rope. QAS (Flip sunset slip) would have finished Adams but Gory pulled him up. Gory took his time going for the double stomp and missed. Adams went for the huracanrana but Gorey countered in Trepidation (It’s a modified pile driver with Gory holding his opponent’s legs and his head is tucked between Gory’s legs.) for the win. Gory double stomped Adams after the match.

Analysis: I like establishing him as a bad ass. I still think he’s a scrawny dude but he brought some good fire in this match. First time I’ve believed in the gimmick. Even if Joe Dombrowski said “soulless eyes” too many times. Score: +1.

Michael Facade was in the back, yo. He said that he’s still the TV Champion.  Facade said Gory was tough but he wants to establish new precidents. He said that he’ll accept anyone’s challenge, even his dojo mates Louis Lynden & Flip Kendrick (who hasn’t been on TNA in a while).  Analysis: He was mostly serious after his home boy intro. I liked it. He didn’t kill it but it’s a step forward for sure. Score: +1.

Rhino came out for the main event against Johnny Gargano for the Prime Wrestling Title. They threw it to commercial. (Good deal. Less breaks for the match.) I’m a bit surprised Jake Lemon is reffing the match. Rhino shoved Gargano off in a collar and elbow to show off the power. Rhino got him in a wrist lock. Gargano reversed it. Gargano got him into a hammer lock. Rhino kicked Gargano in the ribs. Rhino knocked down Gargano with a shoulder block. Rhino blocked a hip lock. Rhino shoved him into the corner. Gargano went up and over a charging Rhino. Gargano arm dragged him twice. Gargano low bridged Rhino. He then nailed a suicide dive. Gargano tossed Rhino back in. Rhino nailed a spine buster. Rhino choked him on the middle rope. Rhino kneed Gargano on the ribs. He tossed Gargano outside. Rhino choked Gargano on the guard rail. Rhino rammed Gargano’s back against the apron. Rhino rolled him back in for a two count. Rhino went for a chin lock. They rammed heads in the middle of the ring. They got to their feet barely before a ten count. Gargano punched away on Rhino. An enziguri felled Rhino. Gargano sling shot speared Rhino. He only got a two count. Rhino drilled a TKO. Gargano punched Rhino again. Rhino back elbowed a charging Gargano. He ducked a clothes lined and super kicked Rhino. Gargano climbed the ropes. Rhino caught him. Rhino superplexed him. Rhino gores him. Gargano kicked out. Rhino gave him a belly to belly suplex. Rhino charged for another Gore. Gargano turned it into a sunset flip for the win. The Dead Wrestling Society attacked Rhino. Gargano attacked them with the Title Belt. Gargano nailed a Uniquely You on Gory. Rhino offers the hand shake. Gargano accepts.

Analysis: Very good match. Another boosting win for Prime Wrestling. It’d be great if Rhino stuck around even if it’s on a semi-regular basis. Score: +2.

Final Score: 6/6. Final Analysis: I’m a jackass for never having included the Youtube of this show. They shifted all of their time into the main event so I had to go over the top for the score because they delivered. Almost everyone else delivered on the show too. Gory needed a win after losing to Facade at Wrestlelution and he’s not in the tag team for the Dead Wrestling Society. Iron’s segment just ended badly but the rest of it was good. LaBar & Cross made good statements and are a natural team to keep Cross away from the title hunt but be given a bigger purpose. -Kevin

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