Stunt Granny Conversation: The Walking Dead – Season 4 – The Grove


Kevin: There was some rough stuff in The Walking Dead last night.

Jeremy:  So, um, that was a lot of fun.

Kevin:  Yeah, this half season has been a real cheer ’em set of episodes.
Jeremy:  They answered a lot of questions with this episode as it pertained to feeding the walkers and dissecting the rabbit. Seemed like a cop out but it worked as it pertained to Lizzie being cuckoo.
Kevin:  I remember our speculation last year for who exactly was at fault for the mice and the killings and we got firm answers to both of those questions. And wow, Lizzie was off of her rocker. Wouldn’t you expect that more out of kids in a way? We’ve seen plenty of adults go batty but not many kids.
Jeremy:  I watched the replay and on second view the girl was so broken. She didn’t understand why Carol was upset when she killed her sister. All she said was she was sorry for pointing a gun at her. It sounds like she was this way before she was introduced to the audience.
Kevin:  It does seem like she was already which is weird considering how big of a plot point it was. Wouldn’t you want to explore that a little more or was the mystery the only reason to go that route?
Jeremy:  I figure having her world fall apart with walkers and then parents being murdered or eaten by walkers would do it. he breakdown was enough for me. I was openly hoping both kids got killed off. They were both so annoying at the beginning of episode.
Kevin:  I wasn’t rooting for them to die but I wasn’t buying the gigantic differences in the children in how they handled it. And why exactly is Carol wanting the not crazy one to shoot a deer? I understand teaching her to kill zombies but there’s no need for her to take out a deer at 8.
Jeremy:  I was lost on that at first but then she was trying to show her that you can and have to in some way kill something that is alive. It was about survival at that point. She figured out the walker part so that was the next step. her hippie attitude towards things was infuriating. You lost flower child , get on with it.
Kevin:  Her philosophy was a bit too developed for her age. Carol could have at least started with a squirrel or rabbit.
Jeremy:  A deer is a tad bit bigger so that may have had something to do with it. Carol being disappointed was rather silly. She had to know she was going to fail. At least she was responsible unlike her idiot sister playing tag in the yard, which made a great visual.
Kevin:  I did love that opener. Most hooks don’t do much for me. They had the window more fogged over for the opening scene then when they showed the scene later. I’m kind of surprised that children hadn’t done that before either. Seems like something I might have done as a child. If zombies were around.

Jeremy:  I am trying o figure out if either of the girls had ever seen what a walker does to someone? Wouldn’t that make a difference? At least Lizzie was nutso enough that she saw it and it didn’t matter. The episode was a little bit redundant until it got to the big issue.
Kevin:  Weren’t their parents killed by zombies? I have no idea how you can live in that world and not see how bad the zombies are. Even though adults generally try to protect the children, zombie kills come into view at some point.
Jeremy:  I thought they were killed in the beginning of the season with the flu outbreak? I may have the timeline wrong but they were clearly from Woodbury so it is possible they were killed by the Governor.  So you see the sister murder coming?
Kevin:  I don’t know why I didn’t think about that situation more than I did. Even if I had thought about it more, I don’t think I would have expected Lizzie to knock off her sister.
Jeremy:  her murdering anyone not once crossed my mind. I expected her to wrangle up a few walkers and in turn get themselves killed. When Carol And Tyreese had their conversation , which was tense enough, and started walking back you new something was up.
Kevin:  Their conversation could be what took my mind off what the girls did. Carol teasing telling Tyreese about how his girlfriend met her demise was tense as you said.Teasing isn’t quite the right word though as they were interrupted by Lizzie yelling.
Jeremy:  She was trying to protect Lizzie again. Tyreese was right to think it could have been her since the more nutso she got the more obvious it seemed. This would have been a perfect opportunity to off Judith as well but that would have been too much.
Kevin:  Did I miss Carol & Tyreese taking her with them though? I swear I didn’t see Judith in the closing scene.
Jeremy: She was on Tyreese’s back. Under the blanket. Well, a mannequin was at least. There were three graves but the one was established early in the episode.
Kevin: I didn’t think Judith died but it had dawned on me that I didn’t feel as though I saw her. They had established the original grave but it was never explained.
Jeremy: Figure it was a resident of that house. Caril and Tyreese talked about her safety being a reason to get rid if Lizzie.
Kevin: Getting rid of Lizzie? Nice way of putting it. I hope you don’t tell me to look at the flowers while we’re in New Orleans.
Jeremy: The dialogue went full circle with that story as well. It was a way to out psycho at peace. Well Carol made sure she was at peace. Guess they didn’t want to leave her as bait.
Kevin: Isn’t any dead person bait though? Carol just made sure she didn’t start following them.
Jeremy: I meant leave her alive to make noise and inevitably become food. She out her down So she wouldn’t come back. It was both horrific and caring. Look at the flowers Kevin.
Kevin: Strapping Lizzie to a tree would have been cruel which is for bad guys. Carol, despite knocking off Tyreese’s woman & the other dude, is still being painted as a good person. Try to nurture kids without parents and even taking off from the prison for the better good of the whole.
Jeremy: Oh no I wasn’t calling for that even though that would have been an amazing heel turn. Unlike the pairing of her and Tyreese. Their coming to an understanding was needed. It worked that they did not drag that out. Admittedly if he had shot her I would have hated Tyreese forever.
Kevin: I think it helped Tyreese to see her go through both of the girls dying. It isn’t a trade off, but Carol did what she thought was best for the group (Granted it was a much smaller group this time) both times.
Jeremy: You nailed it. She out down someone close to get because she had to do it. So her explanation with David and Karen rang true. It was necessary. The final 30 min of this episode were so tense. The acting between those two was stellar. A weaker scene there would have ruined the episode.
Kevin: Having to follow up a child slaying is a tough job, but they pulled it off. The best episode in this set for me.
Jeremy: Yeah strongest of the second half. The kid acting wasn’t offensive but the Carol and Tyreese scenes were top notch. Not a lot of logic gaffes as well.
Kevin: I know we don’t normally cover it and I didn’t even watch, but I figure I should ask if you saw Phil Brooks aka CM Punk on The Talking Dead?
Jeremy: Yeah I did for a bit. In don’t normally watch but did since he was on. He barely said anything. He did look well rested.
Kevin: Okay. I was hoping for more out of that with our whole wrestling angle. Time to get ready for a drunken Raw review.

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    Cory 2014-03-18 at 2:39 pm #

    Season 4 Episode 2 conversation – wasn’t this Lizzie and the other girls father?:
    Jeremy: That is actually one question I had rattling around. What is the point? They touched on it with Maggie last week. They have protection but outside if walkers people are dicks as well. Imagine being those two girls. Dad is turning and the woman who agreed to care for them just stabbed him in the head.

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